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Without You


Throw it away

Actually wanted to post the AI video I took when they played 'I will follow him' from Sister's Act.
But after hearing it, I guess I better not. (With all my screaming and talking)
I don't know why but the the StarWars that was recorded wasn't nice, so yeahhhhhhhh.
There it goes, into the bin :D

Dragon Boat Festival

Helluuuu !
Had Breakfast w/ Grandpa on Sunday. The food cost a bomb mancxzxz, not worth it o:
Attended AI's concert @ Botanic Gardens.
Though starving, the concert was awesome. It was like......... Romantic hehehh c:
Today went to band to help out for the Leadership Training stuff.
They're so fortunate to have it, our batch didn't have it, be appreciative! (':
There's gonna be assessment for sec 3s tomorrow, for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT.
Well, have 1 hour lunch break but yeahh.
Hope sec 3s do well tomorrow uh, it decides their future. HAHAHAHH
Sec 1s are quite cute, cept they can be more alert, sharp, firm & confident(!).
Hope they do well for tomorrow &,
Since it's dumpling day, we went to Grandpa's house to eat dinner (:
Played bball after that yayzz, and I got that blister that's bleeding.
Internal bleeding, HAHAA. Cool yeah. It's not actually pain though, but I don't dare to step on it o:

June Holidayyy

Hello! The 1st week of torturing filled-with-SPAs June holidays are finally over!
And it means......... PLAY TIME!
But sadly, teachers have bombed us with lots & lots of homework.
How are we suppose to finish within 2 weeks?!
They should let us have some playtime before we start our engines to chiong for Os. :(
I don't like this. Bounded by tons and tons of homework. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Meh, in any case, some random pictures below which I'm lazy to upload before. :D