Hi. I like this picture! :D:D
Okay, I haven't blog for a quite some time i know.
But homeworks and tests are seriously piling up and I don't even have a room to breathe.
Sigh, pending if I should go to the event?
It's like going for the sake of going only, it won't be fun......... :(
Anyway I bought some felt paper! I can make domo nao hehe.
Maybe the next time I post will be the domo I make okay!
Well, watched popper today. Not as boring as I thought lah, quite touching (:
Roar. My weekend's packed. Out to do SS powerpoint and hanging over at grandpa's house.
I think the only time I can do work will be on Sunday before I go for the Art of Wind Ensemble at NAFA.
But com'on, who does work on Sundays seriously! :\

Don't talk to me as if you're the boss around, and expect a sweet-sounding reply from me. It just irritate me and I'll freakin' curse you. Mind your tone, know where you stand dude.