Craft craft

Retarded people :D
she nowant take picture w me D:

It's awesome knowing you as a friend since secondary 1.
Though we may have been drifted apart for a moment during sec 2/3, I'm really glad we're still as close now!
Hahhahaha I'll never forget the midnight studying sessions at airport almost everyweek nearing Prelims.
It was so much fun. APPLE PIE! Drawing on Sungho's face, gossiping w everyone, accepting each other's life habits(you know who LOL) and much moree!
I hope we'll still remain this close when we both enter SAJC! AHAHAHAH :D

Went to gave Jaslin a little surprise w my handmade card today but it failed, still. :(
Came home and i was seriously bored!
I didn't know what to do on computer & the internet anymore.
Simssocial- got bored of it.
Sims3- i lost my family. too sad to start a new family :(
9gag- be there whole day & feel aimless at the end of the day
Drama(SecretGarden)- not really in mood to watch 
Yeap, so i ended up doing diy stuffs today!
Haahahha, i made myself a pouch to put my ipod touch :D
Well, not that bad eh. Yukeling can make presentable stuffs, atleast in my pov LOL.
Okay now that I've completed it.... I'm bored all over again.