just do it

HEY SUP. feeling better now hehehe life's great. went for a ran just now with papa even tho i only caught 3 hours of sleep last night. It just means I'm freaking tired now and yes, still gotta chiong my pw.

But it's okay, just gotta give it my best hehehe. And I ran very slowly just now..... NEED TO TRAIN. Should I run again tomorrow haha. Bought a sports shoes from some atas shop and it's white and pink wtf. Disgusting but, yeah serves it purpose and that's fine hahaha.

Tight schedule everyday!
Tuesday: Meeting w/ yoong
Wednesday: OCIP programmes meeting
Thursday: Bio Olympiad till 6, running w girls @ ECP
Friday: Meeting, class outing(?)

Coffee @ Melissa's.



porkfloss actually tasted good. :>

our produce yay!

my weird cupcakes.

gosh trust me to never put maple syrup and apricot jam....

Had bigsweep :)