Miss moo's wedding 101112

It's 10/11/12! It means it's Miss Moo's Wedding! :D
That means, Yukeling wore a dress today... hahahaha
The night before, went shopping in search for dresses with Mel and Miaoz.

Mel was practically like a momma, grabbing us to shops, stuffing dresses in our faces, and we'll either go 'eeeew' or 'noooooooo', and give her a skeptical look. Hahah what a worried mum.
But ahwell, after walking around for quite some time, I finally bought my dress.
It's a 2 piece kind of dress and i love it hehehe! :D
And so.. It was pretty weird wearing a dress out and seeing all my friends wearing such nice clothes hahah.
Feel so awkward :'( but well, everyone was so gorgeous!
The wedding was simple, yet romantic. Haa marriage, such a miracle.
Didn't know Miss Moo's name was Ambber tho, so lovely.
Miss Moo looked beautiful today! Hahaha, a happy woman is a pretty woman :)
After the wedding, went to The Sail @ Marina Bay and it's like whooooooo, pretty!


Eating icecream alone at Mac's, accompanied by the rain before meeting with mel and miao
Apple cinnamon cupcakes that mel made for us! Delicious :')
And soo, I bought this dress :D
I like the inner one EHEHHEHE

what i learnt today: