I'm promoted!


I got back results today! Started the day with emotions brimming with anxiety, fear and excitement.
Only thought of this qn the entire time: What kind of short hairstyle should I choose?
Well actually, I made a little bet with myself.
If i was to retain or get lower than 50 rank points, I'll get a haircut. Like really short kind of hairstyle.
Yeah don't know if it's a curse or a blessing, I guess I'm keeping my hair length :)
Still, wasn't very satisfied with Math and Biology cause I know I could have done better.
But wheeeee I'm happy for my Chemistry, the satisfaction I got after seeing my Chem was brilliant :D
So yeap, gotta continue to work hard now! :D

That was the happy part. Ah well, was pretty down cause....... y'know..
:( I hope she doesn't leave for overseas but.. I'll respect her choice eh?
If you're ever reading this, please know that we all love you :(
I hope you'll at least try and give yourself another chance here :\
Love youuuuuuuuuuu