William Vinoth Joemin Uma YukeLing Ria

Hello people, just wanna pop by and say.... I LOVE MY PW GROUP TEEHEHE.
Really had lots of fun for all the times we were together. :')   *grateful*

I remembered how we started off as a team. Well, Yoong called out our names in computer lab 1, and that was the first time we came together. (Well, I'm sorry I wasn't happy with our group at first D:..)
Initially, awkward stares darted across the area, uncomfortable silence filled the air.

Then we had to start work, remembered how we used to fight for the role of being a secretary?  (Now that I think of it, why did i even fight for it gosh)

Moving on to choosing our group's idea, we decided to take on Joe's & mine idea of tackling the need of elderly in the beginning  then hey, we totally dropped the idea and moved to solving the problem of food wastage. Welllllll, tho till date, I don't understand why we shifted focus, but it doesn't matter anymore haha. We would have done a good job either way.

Then came the torturous time of WR... How we went round to find a suitable place, find power sockets, secretly plugging out McDonald's sign board, how Ria was annoyed with us cause her dad is calling her and yet we're still doing WR slowly hahaaha.

Subsequently, we decided and selected school as our base to do work. Damn, how we spent the mundane 8hours long of just sitting there, staring at one pathetic computer doing our WR............................................................... (shitbrixdays)

And finally, a few days ago, the pure joy and euphoria we felt after we handed in our WR. Though we were like ants on a hot pan in the morning to get it printed and bind, everything still went smoothly and we're clear of WR before we knew it.

Having that big load off our shoulders, we went crazy on the field, playing in the name of 'practising OP'. Rolling competitions, whose-on-top commotion, random a capellas..... :D (and the list goes on)

YUPPPPP, and now, we're at our last phase of PW -- OP.
I know, definitely, all of us can't wait for OP to end, cause it's a release from PW. The ever torturing, draining, demanding PW.

But come to think of it.... after OP, it would just mean, our group would disintegrate. I just know it :(
It's kind of a miracle for us to meet and get to know each other so well hahahah. I hope we'll stay these way heheh!
Sigh. It's been a nice, long journey my friends. Tho we may part, I'll always be there for you guys!