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Old school blog!

I've stumbled upon (some time ago) my old primary school blog which GM made us create!
Kind of glad that they did cause wow, the things that I've posted are so different and are kind of childish.... hahhah

Primary 5 school blog:

Working experiences #2: Ritz Carlton Banquet server

My second job was when I was 16, upon completion of O levels that is.
I worked as a Ritz Carlton Banquet server together with Yuyue and Christina. Well, those days were pretty fun too!
I still remember..
Christina and I who were both crazy about making more and more money so we grabbed all the OTs, morning shifts and night shifts. Everyday, our life was filled with work in mind. How we would spend hours wiping the glasses till there were no fingerprints and lip stains at all. How terrifying it was when I was sent to the Chihuli room alone to work. How we were vacuuming the cloth that draped over the chairs nicely in the middle of the night. How the Auntie who was in-charge of dispensing our uniform was so fierce and how we would dodge her piercing stares and rude remarks. How we would wait in the cafe after eating for any random leftover desserts. (super yummy!) How we would refuse to change at the dressing room & retreat to the washroom. How we had those mini competitions to see who could …

My 5days as a promoter

Day 1 (Friday, 10/1/14): How I feel:  I am really disappointed with myself today for not being able to obtain any previews and enquiries today, especially when it's a Friday night like today. I've started out the day perfectly planned, with the ambition of getting 5previews. The first blow daunted upon me when I realised that noone really cares,  despite your visible efforts. The second blow came when the stuff from minitoons told me that actually, the promoter before me had actually been having this issue as well. There goes my hope and confidence. And  well, for the rest of the time, I'm just like a soulless doll who had lost any sign of the vicious fighting spirit that I've started out with. This lasted all the way until, I saw a pure and innocent little kid at night. The way he so innocently kissed the rocking horse and the way he smiled so happily afterwards gave me an unexplained surge of energy. It made me see that actually life is just that simple, there's…

Their lost dreams

Their hurried steps, their lifeless soul, their upturned smiles, their adamant strides, their silent conversations, their mundane life, their forced smile, their lost dreams....

As I continue giving out flyers this morning, I really do wonder how working adults managed to survive and pull through their normal days. Though I haven't planned out how my future would be like, I certainly do not want to be their colleagues or subordinates.

Working experiences: #1 KFC

I have been thinking about my work experiences thus far and it's really sad to announce that there's only a few. I think that working is really something that opens doors to the different realities in life and as such, I want to try all sorts of jobs, that are of different standards on the societal rungs.

When I was 14 (secondary 2), I was desperate for more money and a job. But being a 14 year old kid that I am, it denied me many choices and alas, I worked at KFC for 15 days during the December holidays. Recalling that it was my first job, I was really scared and skeptical. But fortunately, the KFC team that I worked with was excellent. I still remember vividly, Jing Wan, who was like a sister to me. Initially, I thought of her as a cold and arrogant coworker, who seemed to despise any newbies like me. Yet, when I was at a loss (like all the time), she would always be the one coming to my rescue. She would first frown upon what I did, chastise me badly while at the same time,…

The Good Times

A levels are over and I guess having too much time on hand (not pressurized to spend every minute that I may have doing the things that I want to besides studying) has made me feel so pent up and frustrated. I guess it's akin to pressure release.. sheet jointings are forming parallel to the surface now that the pressure of A levels have been removed. I'm now all exposed and prone to the effects of erosion. It's really weathering me down and now I need an outlet to throw out all of the stupid emotions that I'm feeling from day to day, so here I am. It's been long but I guess I'm back.

The days shortly after A levels had been good to me cause I managed to fly away and escape from reality. I first went on a shopping spree with my family (hey it's our first overseas family trip actually). The crazy back-to-back shopping, the constant need to satisfy all of my parents and grandpa's demands, the scary idea of being there during the riot phase, the amazement a…