The Good Times

A levels are over and I guess having too much time on hand (not pressurized to spend every minute that I may have doing the things that I want to besides studying) has made me feel so pent up and frustrated. I guess it's akin to pressure release.. sheet jointings are forming parallel to the surface now that the pressure of A levels have been removed. I'm now all exposed and prone to the effects of erosion. It's really weathering me down and now I need an outlet to throw out all of the stupid emotions that I'm feeling from day to day, so here I am. It's been long but I guess I'm back.

The days shortly after A levels had been good to me cause I managed to fly away and escape from reality. I first went on a shopping spree with my family (hey it's our first overseas family trip actually). The crazy back-to-back shopping, the constant need to satisfy all of my parents and grandpa's demands, the scary idea of being there during the riot phase, the amazement at the distinct and beautiful culture there, the contentment that the food we've consumed provides and the indulgence in the best green tea(it's at city complex food court level 5!) there has really been..... fulfilling.

While the strong and violent waves of reality has yet to caught up upon me, I sailed away again to Korea. The whole idea in itself, of being able to travel together (with Jaslin, Randall & Sungho) to Korea had certainly been like a miracle. To think that our pact from when we were secondary 4, which all of us had rashly decided upon ('cause we were all lacking the state of a clear mind, having stayed up the whole night), has actually been carried out... I think is really amazing and beautiful experience. I really love the fact that we just came together as a team without any logical reasoning. For my part, all that I can remember of is when Jaslin asked if I wanted to join her in studying with Sungho in the airport overnight and I was like,"YES OVERNIGHT SOUNDS COOL, LET'S GO." And bam, all these amazing things happened.

 Yeah so, really really enjoyed myself over there in Korea:

I love how the cold breeze of winter felt when it attacked my face.
I love the numbing feeling that was a sign to say that my toes were dying while I stepped and walked on snow.
I love how sungho's grandmother would prepare traditional Korean breakfast for us every morning.
I love the past-midnight talks about anything in the world I had with sungho. (And with Jas for 1 rare night)
I love how Randall and sungho would always fight in a stupid way.
I love the downhill sledding at the kid's winter carnival, ESP when so many joyous kids were around.
I love the taxi uncle in Jeju who was going way beyond his job and for that, I'm really thankful.
I love how the sweet winter air cleans and purifies my entire lungs with every breath that I took, esp in Jeju.
I love how there's mandarin to eat every day and night.
I love how everyday there's a plan, a mission, something to fulfill, something to rush for: some planes to catch, some show to watch, some streets to explore, some food to devour, some pictures to be taken, some people to meet, some wonders to be experienced, some uesless stuffs to buy, some places to strike off the check list, some promise to fulfill, some memories to be created..
I also love how there's the (oOoOoompff ) banana milk I could easily buy across the whole of Korea.
I love the feeling of reaching the top (or wherever it leads to) after climbing all the insane stairs.
I love how sungho was there at every fall along the way as I tumbled down the ridiculously stupid ski slope after that life-threatening fall (really, thanks for being there).
I love how it snowed suddenly while I was skiing down, felt like I've been one of the few lucky ones to experience a miracle. (Really wish I could have taken a picture but I didn't bring cammy along)
I love how there were those beautiful and majestic seagulls by the beach.
I love how bright the fireworks lit up our night on the day of Christmas.
I love the taxi rides when we were singing like nobody's business.
I love hearing 'HEY SISTAR' from Randall.
I love putting masks with Jas.
I love the talks  we had on flights. I love how we would always take selfka.
I love losing myself in the socks store with Jaslin.
I love knowing that it's negative degrees outside cause I think it's so crazy to have been out and survived the cold, harsh winter.
I love being able to breathe out air in smogs.
I love how I was learning more and more Korean words everyday.
I (kinda) love waking up to outrageously irritating evil punches and pillow slams in the morning.
I love uncle for being so giving and providing for us.
I love how the ice-creams were like dirt cheap and would never ever seem to melt.
I love how there were those strong and resilient flowers that bloom despite the cold.
I love how I got to use this once in a lifetime opportunity to know more about them.
I love even our fights, down moments and stupid quarrels cause they are the ones that magnified the good in the good times.

Okay time to stop, my thoughts are too incoherent now. Yeah so I've definitely enjoyed myself during the 15days in Korea.

And as all good things always come to an end, I guess that was it for me. More and more fissures are forming and so are my worries. The escape was so short-lived.