Working experiences: #1 KFC

I have been thinking about my work experiences thus far and it's really sad to announce that there's only a few. I think that working is really something that opens doors to the different realities in life and as such, I want to try all sorts of jobs, that are of different standards on the societal rungs.

When I was 14 (secondary 2), I was desperate for more money and a job. But being a 14 year old kid that I am, it denied me many choices and alas, I worked at KFC for 15 days during the December holidays. Recalling that it was my first job, I was really scared and skeptical. But fortunately, the KFC team that I worked with was excellent. I still remember vividly, Jing Wan, who was like a sister to me. Initially, I thought of her as a cold and arrogant coworker, who seemed to despise any newbies like me. Yet, when I was at a loss (like all the time), she would always be the one coming to my rescue. She would first frown upon what I did, chastise me badly while at the same time, help me, correct me and teach me. The next thing I know, was that the hours we spent while working together was really enjoyable and fun. My managers, Jean and Pugazh was also a really honest and kindhearted kindred who made work there so much better. Not to forget the kind Malay uncle who patiently taught me how to do everything properly, step-by-step, and also the honest auntie who would look out for me and joke around with me. Forget how dirty and black the oil looked, for it's been reused and reused. Forget how disgusting and nauseating KFC smelled like, after days of working there. Forget how all the fries that ended up on the floor would always return like karma, as they come back to me, stuck in between the crevices of my boots, oozing out the yucky oil whenever I yank those potato bits out. Forget how it sucks to have to change the cheese bag in the dispenser (because it's so hot that it scalds my hands every time) for the cheese fries. Forget how bad the pay was. Forget how bad and unreasonably rude some customers were. Forget how much weight I've gained from eating at KFC everyday. All these comrades that I've worked alongside with has really helped me through these days and I'm thankful for them. I still remember how on my last day of work, I went all out to buy sweets & confectioneries that each of them mentioned to have liked, wrote gratitude letters and distributed to all the staffs that I've worked with. I really felt a deep connection with KFC, so much so that I even considered continuing my work there because I can't bear to part with them. But the weight of reality emerged as the ultimate winner as I dismissed the idea, considering the low pay that have accompanied with it.

What I've learnt from working at KFC:
1. Be willing to learn with an enthusiastic spirit (and people would be willing to teach you)
2. Don't take things too seriously, take a step back and enjoy
3. Always smile and treat customers like Kings and Queens
4. Be thankful for the good times
5. Help others as and when possible cause you may not know when you will need help too
6. Embrace different attitudes and behaviours
7. Remember everything there is to remember on the menu (if possible, the price of it too, it's really important)
8. Should not be too emotionally attached (maybe)
9. How to make all the salads/burgers/pocket/patty/pies/fries/cheesefries
10. How to properly wrap a burger

All in all, I must say that it was a really wonderful experience that I'll never regret having!