Working experiences #2: Ritz Carlton Banquet server

My second job was when I was 16, upon completion of O levels that is.

I worked as a Ritz Carlton Banquet server together with Yuyue and Christina.
Well, those days were pretty fun too!

I still remember..

Christina and I who were both crazy about making more and more money so we grabbed all the OTs, morning shifts and night shifts. Everyday, our life was filled with work in mind.
How we would spend hours wiping the glasses till there were no fingerprints and lip stains at all. How terrifying it was when I was sent to the Chihuli room alone to work.
How we were vacuuming the cloth that draped over the chairs nicely in the middle of the night.
How the Auntie who was in-charge of dispensing our uniform was so fierce and how we would dodge her piercing stares and rude remarks.
How we would wait in the cafe after eating for any random leftover desserts. (super yummy!)
How we would refuse to change at the dressing room & retreat to the washroom.
How we had those mini competitions to see who could hold the most number of glasses successfully.
How we learnt to place all the cutleries according to the table arrangement.
How we would pop by the uncle's store to see how the uncle and auntie were folding the napkins ever-so-nicely.
How we would how to get red packets after a wedding banquet.
How tiring it was to hold up the tray filled with 5 bowls of scalding hot soup.
How I was so tempted to eat their food before serving to them.
How I sneakily ate the yam paste dessert that was abandoned by most.
How everyone would gather the leftover chocolates & eat them cause they were SOOOOO good.
How I learnt to debone an entire fish and serve'em nicely.
How boring it was to be wiping the plates, especially alone.
How we would daringly be the only ones staying in for the night, in the pitch dark room & how we went to 'borrow' toiletries from the cleaner's store & how we froze cause the blankets weren't up for collection by the time we reached.
How we dreaded the daily checking routine where they would pick on our untidy bun, our dull face (cause we didn't put basic makeup) and our nails.
How tiring it was to serve at a cocktail reception.
How I cursed everyday at the court shoes that was killing me.

Yeah those were the days, I had a blog entry too:

Yup so... what I've learnt:
1. To serve with a smile -- customers' right at all cost
2. Not to get too caught up with money (cause I was really neglecting family time then)
3. Table arrangements
4. To be confident in whatever I'm doing so that people would get this confidence too
5. Cut some slack during work cause sometimes, there's just nothing much to do
6. Be independent to be able to run around alone in the wee hours
7. To put up a facade at times to earn myself some brownie points