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New fulltimer

Wa sian.. I just got to know that there would be a new full time assistant teacher who would take over my afternoon class. That means I no longer would be helping Zhang laoshi. Other classes don't need any part-time assistant teachers so they would only want me to do closing from 4-7.... such an awkward timing that hinders me from doing other jobs. Should I even stay here? Oh damn....

lovely day!

heyhey, today's the 3rd day of being here :D

The same thing happened when I reached again, with kids waking up super early during their 2 hours nap time. I was so uncertain of how I should hoax them back to bed -- being strict pain-in-the-ass kind of teacher or the nice and pushover kind. Well, I started being fierce but apparently, I think I don't exude the right vibe of being an angry teacher so I just... let them roam around, as long as they didn't wake the others up too much. 
My afternoon class however, had 7 kids today! I'm glad to be seeing new faces every now and then, to see more smiles around me hehe! A lovely boy came in today kept on wailing and wailing for his mummy. He even grabbed my hand, dragged his own bag and pointed to the door, gesturing me to open it so that he could go to his mummy. It's amazing how well he understands things even when he's so young! So I spent most of today just hugging and hushing him to quieten down, to be a strong per…

Nicholas Sparks

A day like this, without any plans and worries, I turn to books as my entertainment, my friend, and my refuge.Recently, I've picked up 2 of Nicholas sparks' works -- 'A walk to remember ' and 'The Notebook'. I've just finished reading both of 'em and yup, here to share about it.A Walk To Remember
I've watched the movie prior to reading, while spending a night over at Melissa's house, during her last few days of being on this sunny island, almost 1 year ago. I'm not the kind to remember movie plots, so I didn't really know how the story would flow. All I could recall from the movie was: It was a sad love story for which, had a really heartwrenching ending. And likewise, after reading the book, that was exactly how I felt. A walk to remember came across to me just like a casual sad story, for which Jamie Sullivan, who was sick and dying, had fallen in love with Landon, making their last days spent together sappy and sweet. A typical love …

Work: Assistant Teacher at ChildFirst

Heyhey! Today was my first day at Childfirst preschool and YAYAY it was fabulous!Soooo I reached Childfirst at a little off 9am and went into the office. The Principal brought me to my first class, the Apple class to assist Ms Sarah. She was taking care of the little ones who were from 18months to 2 years of age. The first thing I had to do was just to make them sit and play on the mat before the morning activity started. It was pretty hard initially cause I didn't really know how to make them listen to me. They pretty much understood whatever I said but probably brushed it off since I sounded kind and gentle. And then I learnt to be stern and fierce at times to make them listen to you and tell them that you meant business. Every time they were too much to handle, just mention about tipping off to their mummy that they've behaved badly and that would do the trick hehe! They then had a little cake decoration session which was putting kaya spread, raisins and rainbow sprinkles o…

Work: Clarins Beauty Advisor

Heyhey, I had the chance to be a Clarins beauty advisor for 3 days through vanessa's recommendation! Initially, I thought I won't get through even the first round of selection of interview but whiu, we (yuxuan, vanessa & me) all did! 10/02/14: Training day
Today was a paid training for a full 7hours. The training was conducted inside the office, with well-ventilated air-conditioning. So all through the day, Grace just brought us through Clarins' history, the products (including their usage and ingredients), allowed us to try every single product there was. It felt just like a lecture back in school. So yup, you could imagine us, enjoying our time there as we earned our moolah. They even gave us quite a generous amount of samples to try afterwards. Though it was information overload, but dude, I wouldn't mind another training day! And I got to know that I'd be working at bhg bugis with yuxuan, taking on the morning shift from 10am-6pm. 15/02/14: Attachment day

Five People You Meet In Heaven

Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.
Spent my Sunday afternoon reading the book and.. it was alright. It wasn't as good as I thought it to be :( On the bad side, I don't think that the story plot was captivating enough cause I felt like I wasn't engrossed in my character, as Eddie. And, the message sent across wasn't thaat strong.
Well, it was still good that there was something to learn from each of the 5 people that Ed met with. 1. To every ending, there's a beginning.
2. Sacrificial is necessary, even if it consumes you.
3. Forgive, even though it hurts.
4. Learn to let go of love.
5. There's a undeniable reason for your existence; your purpose.
A thought-provoking and leisure read I would say, to compare it with what you have currently now in life.

Time Traveller's Wife

I've just completed the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger!The story plot revolves around 2 protagonists, Clare and Henry. Henry is someone special, with the ability to time travel (not at his will), due to his unusual gene sequence. Initially, he harboured illf-feelings towards this peculiar behaviour of this but as he met Clare.. He fell in love with her. The scenario was hard to picture: a naked old guy, a innocent young girl... but the girl believed in Henry and I guess this curiosity and amazement at his power drew her to him. The book follows the age progression of Clare, marking her few but blessed encounter with Henry, from when her childhood to her middle-age. Clare waited upon those opportunities, for what seems to be an eternity. And finally, she met with the real life henry who was 8 years older than he is. She no longer had to wait for his arrival, because she was always there beside hkm and vice versa. But what she had to deal with was Henry leaving here a…

First tuition lesson!

I've just officially gave my first tuition WHOOHOO!  Yup, so I'm currently giving maths tuition to a sec 2 kid every Friday, for 2 hours. And it's just next to Mountbatten square so this means that I can just walkover after ChildFirst! Ah life's good. Well, I was kind of anxious at first, prior to entering, but it was just like casual talking and guiding of friend! The best part is that her mum wouldn't be in to add on any stress! (although there are like security cameras installed all over in her house)I felt rather underprepared today actually! Guess I have to do better next time!!

Failed Valentine's cookies

Came home after banquet today and started baking, because Sister wanted to bake her vday muffin for her boyfriend tomorrow! After hers was done, I decided to use all the leftover items that we had to make cookies. I didn't follow strictly to the recipe and added milo powder, cinnamon powder and Hershey cocoa powder. I was making plates after plates of cookies and was really delighted with myself. Although the texture and taste wasn't fantastic, but I thought that it would be something worth giving to Mel before she leaves and also, to my tuition kid! I also wanted to leave some random happy cookie randomly on the streets to cheer some lonely soul's day like mine. And so I went on, happily making the weird shapes with the batter and........ I FOUND A FUCKING WHITE WORM. I held my breath, thinking that maybe there was just 1 poor lonely worm that ended up here somehow. But as I kept digging around, I found another one, and another one.By then, I've already screamed out f…

Assistant Teacher @ Childfirst Preschool

Together with the huge disappointment and a little out of desperation, I called up to 20 childcare centers near my vicinity, asking if they required assistant teachers without any diploma. Most of them kindly rejected, some others asked for my contacts in case they would need them, while this particular one, ChildFirst preschool, asked me to come for an interview straight! AND YAY, GOD BLESS, I HAVE A POSITION OF AN ASSISTANT TEACHER NOW! So I guess it's time to say.. every cloud has a silver lining. Fate probably doesn't want me to be stuck in a clinic with rare visits from patients and prefers me to go around like some mad woman,  handling little kids.I would be helping out with kids 2½-3 years in the morning and 18months -2½ years in the afternoon. And I just realise that.. crap I wouldn't be able to talk to them and converse in those fairytale talks. The pay isn't really good ($7/Hr) and I'd have to work around 9hours a day, but, it's still something that I…

Not a clinic assistant

A couple of days ago, I emailed this address after seeing an advertisement on gumtree regarding clinic assistant. I did so and unexpectedly, a reply came through, for which stated that they need help indeed. I was then scheduled for an interview today at 3pm.I couldn't believe my luck! That I would actually be able to work in a clinic and see how things work.  JACKPOT, I thought to myself. So with the high expectations in mind, I came over for an interview. And yet.... turns out that the doc didn't need any assistant and have only asked for me to come because he thought I wanted to do attachment/shadowing. (That means no pay at all) Being on the practical side, of course I rejected his kind offer of wanting to help me. He had thought that I was a medicine student who wanted experience and exposure. If only I was indeed a medicine applicant, I would. But unfortunately, I didn't even send in my application so it's back to the drawing board eh. Well.. gotta try to know it…

Work banquet (@ Gardens by the bay)

MY ARMS ARE BREAKING OWWWW.Yeah, so I'm just back home from working today.... and I've been asking myself, whytf did I do f&b banquet again. Work was really really tiring! (Actually, I think it would be more tiring than the Ritz-Carlton days)Mainly, it was cause we didn't work in teams, and instead, we worked individually to serve the guests, all over the venue. And that means... I have to walk to the direct opposite to get the drinks from the bar and walk back to the customers. Not to mention, how tough it was to squeeze pass 700 guests, how many times other guests would request for more drinks along the way, how I have to remember the exact customers and their orders.* dinner was packet served, which was totally bland and sucky (Miss the ritz staff cafeteria)
* pay is $10/hr
* working time: 430-11pm
* the walkway towards the dome was really nice and beautiful whoohoo!
* working w/ a company called Peach Garden Overall, it was really crazy but ah well, the pay is good…

Money money

Money be like rolling in wheee!Just won $26 from gambling today at shuting's house! Feels really great cause I've been losing and I thought luck had abandoned me. I could have walked away with $40 but I had the urge to challenge the odds and lost a $10 bet. But oh well, you win some and you lose some! Money from chingay also came in altho it's just a mere $48 for that 6hours served, but it's definitely worth it whoo! Didn't get to stay for the entire Chingay parade yesterday but am still satisfied! Thank you for making life good thus far! (You in general, in this case - fate, cause I can't exactly thank God since I'm a free thinker)Pray & hope that tomorrow will be smooth-sailing as well for my training as a beauty advisor!

Work: Chingay Day 1

HEY GUYS, I've been around for Chingay rehearsal today! Really thankful for jaslin's offer that got this job hehe. It would definitely be one of the best work experiences ever!Okay so it doesn't really feel like I was working at all during the mere 3hours. I had initially spent my afternoon (4 hours of waiting around the area cause I was nearby and didn't want to waste the travel fee back home, you see), feeling a certain wave of uneasiness cause I wasn't really sure what to do and especially in such a big event. I adhered strictly to the dress code ruled out for me and changed into my bulky ocean (my sports shoes). I rushed my way from esplanade library to the F1 pit and was kind of scared that I'll be late for the virgin meetup with the lady. But hold and behold, she sounded really gentle and nice, genuinely, while directing me to her! Yes, you could expect me to be enjoying my 3 hours there. Firstly, I was given the Chingay lanyard that granted me access to …

Time is slipping

Haven't been looking for a job since the beautyful minds promoter job & boy oh boy, I am so lost in life right now. Yes, everyday has been nice, given the privilege to wake up as and when I please (usually around 12noon), being able to do whatever I want to do, but.. I feel empty. This comes in especially hard when my wallet screams out in agony and is posing a threat and deterrence to whatever I wish to do. Cold and cruel reality sinks in deep, I really need money. And so... it's time to commence my job hunt all over again! I think I should really dig those long term part time jobs instead of event jobs I guess.. The repetitive cycle of being on gumtree to source out for the "best" offer is truly tiring & the need to coordinate all of them together is.... sigh, exhausting.

And well, a point to note to myself: I scrolled through thousands of ads to chance upon another Beautyfulminds promoter ad and hold and behold, they actually upped the salary! When I was wo…