Assistant Teacher @ Childfirst Preschool

Together with the huge disappointment and a little out of desperation, I called up to 20 childcare centers near my vicinity, asking if they required assistant teachers without any diploma. Most of them kindly rejected, some others asked for my contacts in case they would need them, while this particular one, ChildFirst preschool, asked me to come for an interview straight!

AND YAY, GOD BLESS, I HAVE A POSITION OF AN ASSISTANT TEACHER NOW! So I guess it's time to say.. every cloud has a silver lining. Fate probably doesn't want me to be stuck in a clinic with rare visits from patients and prefers me to go around like some mad woman,  handling little kids.

I would be helping out with kids 2½-3 years in the morning and 18months -2½ years in the afternoon. And I just realise that.. crap I wouldn't be able to talk to them and converse in those fairytale talks. The pay isn't really good ($7/Hr) and I'd have to work around 9hours a day, but, it's still something that I look forward very much to! Gonna start work on the 20th after my banquet today and my beauty advisor job. I can't wait! :D