Failed Valentine's cookies

Came home after banquet today and started baking, because Sister wanted to bake her vday muffin for her boyfriend tomorrow! After hers was done, I decided to use all the leftover items that we had to make cookies. I didn't follow strictly to the recipe and added milo powder, cinnamon powder and Hershey cocoa powder.

I was making plates after plates of cookies and was really delighted with myself. Although the texture and taste wasn't fantastic, but I thought that it would be something worth giving to Mel before she leaves and also, to my tuition kid! I also wanted to leave some random happy cookie randomly on the streets to cheer some lonely soul's day like mine.

And so I went on, happily making the weird shapes with the batter and........ I FOUND A FUCKING WHITE WORM. I held my breath, thinking that maybe there was just 1 poor lonely worm that ended up here somehow. But as I kept digging around, I found another one, and another one.By then, I've already screamed out for my Sister and have already entered the zoning out phase as she examined the rest of the batter. It's as if you are sitting in the doctor's room, waiting to hear your verdict solemnly. Indeed.... it wasn't just one poor lonely worm, in fact, they seemed like they were throwing a great private party inside the Hershey container. I really should have discarded immediately then, when I happened to notice that it was inching in closer to the expiry date some time back. Yet, because it was hersheys, I couldn't bear to let it go like what Elysa did, and look what happened now. Sigh.

We concluded that although the high heat may have killed the bacteria and the worm itself, it wasn't presentable/edible/nice of us/safe for consumption. I thought of giving them to happy couples on the street to make their vday as interesting as mine, but on second thought, i will not. So right now, I am gonna throw all of them away. Next time, learn to be smart and check your expired ingredients carefully kids, cause I really wish I did.  :(