lovely day!

heyhey, today's the 3rd day of being here :D

The same thing happened when I reached again, with kids waking up super early during their 2 hours nap time. I was so uncertain of how I should hoax them back to bed -- being strict pain-in-the-ass kind of teacher or the nice and pushover kind. Well, I started being fierce but apparently, I think I don't exude the right vibe of being an angry teacher so I just... let them roam around, as long as they didn't wake the others up too much. 

My afternoon class however, had 7 kids today! I'm glad to be seeing new faces every now and then, to see more smiles around me hehe! A lovely boy came in today kept on wailing and wailing for his mummy. He even grabbed my hand, dragged his own bag and pointed to the door, gesturing me to open it so that he could go to his mummy. It's amazing how well he understands things even when he's so young! So I spent most of today just hugging and hushing him to quieten down, to be a strong person that mummy likes. He was soooooooo cute 

Milk time!