Nicholas Sparks

A day like this, without any plans and worries, I turn to books as my entertainment, my friend, and my refuge.

Recently, I've picked up 2 of Nicholas sparks' works -- 'A walk to remember ' and 'The Notebook'. I've just finished reading both of 'em and yup, here to share about it.

A Walk To Remember
I've watched the movie prior to reading, while spending a night over at Melissa's house, during her last few days of being on this sunny island, almost 1 year ago. I'm not the kind to remember movie plots, so I didn't really know how the story would flow. All I could recall from the movie was: It was a sad love story for which, had a really heartwrenching ending. And likewise, after reading the book, that was exactly how I felt. A walk to remember came across to me just like a casual sad story, for which Jamie Sullivan, who was sick and dying, had fallen in love with Landon, making their last days spent together sappy and sweet. A typical love story, but it did not captivate me entirely, and I didn't like it that there was so much of 'Lord's plan' idea here and there.

The Notebook
Gawd, I loved this book! The way the author wrote for this was rather different and I liked that he played with words. Because Noah was a lover of poems, the book was filled with random meaningful verses of poems, from the likes of Whitman and Eliot. Those poems itself were thought-provoking and tingled at my emotions. So the story is about how Noah and Allie, of different social backgrounds, were allowed a rare chance to fall in love during summer. They were then of course, forced to separate and went on to lead their own lives. Noah since then went to war, and then came back to his creek to find life, while Allie went on her usual life of a rich lady, who was to be married to a fine lad. Through the fourteen years that they were apart, Noah thought of her everyday as he regarded the summer days above all others while Allie had tried hard to bury it away. Yet, fate toys on them as prior to her wedding, Allie had chanced upon an article that led her back to Noah's side again. And so she went, and again, they surrendered themselves to each other. Allie then had to make the tough decision of choosing between Noah, the love of her life, and her fiance, the right man to marry. During this critical point of time, it was amazing seeing how Noah's love for her was so strong and pure. Although it hurts for Noah to let her go again, he did, because he respected her choice. And fortunately, Allie chose Noah in the end. (YAY!) Just when I thought the chapter closes there, the story develops as it proceeds to their old age life. Allie had been diagnosed with Alzheimer and had forgotten about times with Noah. Day after day, Noah would try to make Allie fall in love with him again. Some times he would fail and get hurt so terribly, but he doesn't give up and tries again each day, seeking for a miracle. And when he suceeds.. it proved just how strong their love for each other was. Ah, it was just beautiful imagining how love is so pure and magical. I'm really happy that Noah and Allie had found each other! :D

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