Not a clinic assistant

A couple of days ago, I emailed this address after seeing an advertisement on gumtree regarding clinic assistant. I did so and unexpectedly, a reply came through, for which stated that they need help indeed. I was then scheduled for an interview today at 3pm.

I couldn't believe my luck! That I would actually be able to work in a clinic and see how things work.  JACKPOT, I thought to myself.

So with the high expectations in mind, I came over for an interview. And yet.... turns out that the doc didn't need any assistant and have only asked for me to come because he thought I wanted to do attachment/shadowing. (That means no pay at all) Being on the practical side, of course I rejected his kind offer of wanting to help me. He had thought that I was a medicine student who wanted experience and exposure. If only I was indeed a medicine applicant, I would. But unfortunately, I didn't even send in my application so it's back to the drawing board eh.

Well.. gotta try to know it doesn't work out right. And now, I'm gonna call up childcare centres to see if they need some assistant from someone like me (without any diploma&experience)!