Time Traveller's Wife

I've just completed the Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger!

The story plot revolves around 2 protagonists, Clare and Henry. Henry is someone special, with the ability to time travel (not at his will), due to his unusual gene sequence. Initially, he harboured illf-feelings towards this peculiar behaviour of this but as he met Clare.. He fell in love with her. The scenario was hard to picture: a naked old guy, a innocent young girl... but the girl believed in Henry and I guess this curiosity and amazement at his power drew her to him. The book follows the age progression of Clare, marking her few but blessed encounter with Henry, from when her childhood to her middle-age. Clare waited upon those opportunities, for what seems to be an eternity. And finally, she met with the real life henry who was 8 years older than he is. She no longer had to wait for his arrival, because she was always there beside hkm and vice versa. But what she had to deal with was Henry leaving here alone randomly and she would then wait for his return. Sure enough, he would return to her every single time. The story goes on about until finally, henry passed away.

What I learnt is that:
1. Fate is what brings people together

- Sometimes, it's a blessing in disguise to be different, because it may lead you to another door of happiness that would otherwise be out of reach for you. Just trust in it and believe that whatever may happen, happens.

2. Faith is what keeps the love going

  - I really salute Clare for her strong belief in Henry and her neverending selfless love, it's just wow.... To think love transcends all time and space (well, in a fiction storybook at least), its heart-wrenchingly beautiful!

Yeah... It's a beautiful book of the strong and faithful love. It's a nice read!


maccha au lait said…
Wow haha I never thought my blog which had the hyperlink to your blog still exists and still active:D
I liked that book lots when I first saw it last year! when is the book expiring? hahaha
Yukeling said…
Hahah hello rare visitor! Mmm I am not sure about that cause I've returned it already! (I didn't bother checking out the due date sorry!)