Work: Assistant Teacher at ChildFirst

Heyhey! Today was my first day at Childfirst preschool and YAYAY it was fabulous!

Soooo I reached Childfirst at a little off 9am and went into the office. The Principal brought me to my first class, the Apple class to assist Ms Sarah. She was taking care of the little ones who were from 18months to 2 years of age. The first thing I had to do was just to make them sit and play on the mat before the morning activity started. It was pretty hard initially cause I didn't really know how to make them listen to me. They pretty much understood whatever I said but probably brushed it off since I sounded kind and gentle. And then I learnt to be stern and fierce at times to make them listen to you and tell them that you meant business. Every time they were too much to handle, just mention about tipping off to their mummy that they've behaved badly and that would do the trick hehe! They then had a little cake decoration session which was putting kaya spread, raisins and rainbow sprinkles onto the cake, and was to bring it home with them to show their parents. And I got a slice from Ms Sarah too yay! After another round of playing on the mat after their cake decoration, it was eating time! The way they fumbled with their spoons and bowl, and resorted to using their own little hands instead was really cute, I thought. :D I helped fed one little girl halfway through and it felt nice aww. Later on, it was time to change diapers and bathe them. Changing diapers was okay but the bathing of children was really... it's the first time I ever gave someone a shower! I was pretty much lost and then one of the teacher around came and thought me how phew! All the teachers here are really kind and cute over here :> She stood by my side to instruct on me what I would have to do and yeah, I successfully did shower her! I returned to the class and was instructed to take care of the rest while Ms Sarah took one who was naughtier to bathe and... One little naughty kid named Kasandra threw a tantrum and started cyring for no reason. I held her there for so long, hushing her but she didn't stop crying at all. She kept flinching out of my embrace and continued wailing. I had completely no idea what to do with her, until Sarah came back and then realise that she just wanted to drink formulated milk. Gosh, I wish I knew how to help her :(Yeah so after the hectic bathing, it was nap time! It was pretty hard getting them to sleep but once they did... boy, were they cute!

Them napping = our break time. So while they were sleeping, I had the chance to eat (we ate what the children ate: rice with egg and vege soup!) and then had time to slack around and chill before the afternoon class started. I helped out with making the paper plate fishes and then Ms Sarah came back with more cakes and bought us milk tea awwwwww, that was so nice of her!

Yup, then for the afternoon class, I was attached to help Zhang Lao Shi in the Mangosteen class with her kids as well. She said that a lot of them were absent so there were only 4 kids to take care of but man, they were all so lovely I could die. They were more well-behaved as compared to the ones from morning classes! None of them threw a tantrum at all and they listened to whatever I said. Today's schedule was just changing of diapers, milk drinking time, playing at the playground on the 2nd level, dessert time, more playing at another playground, another round of changing diapers and they were good to go! All in all, I had to helped wash 3 butts of those who pooped (after throwing their soiled diapers away - smelled damn bad), prepare their milk bottles, stop children who would fight, catch children who are about to fall, hug and pacify those who fell and were hurt, rectify those who were naughty or were playing dangerously, fed those who needed help, wiped their mouth and their mucuses and yup, that was pretty much it! After which we just sent them to the room to await their parents to come and fetch them. And to be honest, it was pretty wild inside with some many little kids running around and throwing things all over. It was so tiring but I guess it's all worthwhile when you keep getting free hugs and smiles from them!!

Starting tomorrow, I'd just be helping out with Zhang Lao shi from 12pm-7pm for her afternoon kids, probably till 3 march! The pay for a day seems quite little but.... it's gonna be worth it hehe!

*On a side note: the way they called out Mummy whenever they feel threatened and the way they were so excited to see their parents again made me think.. Was I ever like them? Since when did I stopped relying on them? When was the last time I was so happy to see them? Thinking back to how I would always just mouth a word of greeting, glance up at them and then return to whatever I was busy with, I think I'm really unfillial sigh. It's hard being parents to be pouring out all your love and attention and don't expect much in return. Mmm....