Work banquet (@ Gardens by the bay)


Yeah, so I'm just back home from working today.... and I've been asking myself, whytf did I do f&b banquet again. Work was really really tiring! (Actually, I think it would be more tiring than the Ritz-Carlton days)

Mainly, it was cause we didn't work in teams, and instead, we worked individually to serve the guests, all over the venue. And that means... I have to walk to the direct opposite to get the drinks from the bar and walk back to the customers. Not to mention, how tough it was to squeeze pass 700 guests, how many times other guests would request for more drinks along the way, how I have to remember the exact customers and their orders.

* dinner was packet served, which was totally bland and sucky (Miss the ritz staff cafeteria)
* pay is $10/hr
* working time: 430-11pm
* the walkway towards the dome was really nice and beautiful whoohoo!
* working w/ a company called Peach Garden

Overall, it was really crazy but ah well, the pay is good and you can't deny it. This beats me staying at home to watch running man and let the time slip by! Will be seeing the same TCC staff members again on the 13th for another (and hopefully, last) banquet event!