Work: Chingay Day 1

HEY GUYS, I've been around for Chingay rehearsal today!

Really thankful for jaslin's offer that got this job hehe. It would definitely be one of the best work experiences ever!

Okay so it doesn't really feel like I was working at all during the mere 3hours. I had initially spent my afternoon (4 hours of waiting around the area cause I was nearby and didn't want to waste the travel fee back home, you see), feeling a certain wave of uneasiness cause I wasn't really sure what to do and especially in such a big event. I adhered strictly to the dress code ruled out for me and changed into my bulky ocean (my sports shoes). I rushed my way from esplanade library to the F1 pit and was kind of scared that I'll be late for the virgin meetup with the lady. But hold and behold, she sounded really gentle and nice, genuinely, while directing me to her! Yes, you could expect me to be enjoying my 3 hours there.

Firstly, I was given the Chingay lanyard that granted me access to the restricted staff zone & also, a passion arts shirt! (Pity it wasn't a chingay shirt)
Secondly, I could roam freely around the waiting rooms which was labelled 'getai', 'knitted with a heart and etcetera. Whoa just whoa. It's an amazing feeling being able to see those characters right in front of my eyes, instead of being a mere pixelated image off the flat screen!
Thirdly, I noticed that noone was wearing sports shoes, except for an uncle donning a head of ashen gray, and gladly changed back into my loved vans.
Fourth point to note... THERE WAS FREE DINNER FOR ME YAYYAYAYYAY. Just when I thought I was gonna starve myself the whole night teehee.
Fifth, there wasn't much to do, except laying my back on the posters that spanned across the whole pit, and just watch as the rehearsal went on. Well, it was really kind of boring to be standing there w no one to talk to, but I didn't really mind, considering the fact that the changes in the sky colour and cloud pattern today was fabulous.
Sixth, it all ended half an hour earlier than the expected 9pm!

Yeah, so with the free teeshirt, free dinner and free show... What else can be better than this! Can't wait for the real thing tomorrow!

Alright, now it's back to reading 'The Time Traveler's Wife', which I've picked up from the library today. I promise I will go back to read The Genesis Code as soon as I finish this hehe!