Work: Clarins Beauty Advisor

Heyhey, I had the chance to be a Clarins beauty advisor for 3 days through vanessa's recommendation!
Initially, I thought I won't get through even the first round of selection of interview but whiu, we (yuxuan, vanessa & me) all did!
10/02/14: Training day
Today was a paid training for a full 7hours. The training was conducted inside the office, with well-ventilated air-conditioning. So all through the day, Grace just brought us through Clarins' history, the products (including their usage and ingredients), allowed us to try every single product there was. It felt just like a lecture back in school. So yup, you could imagine us, enjoying our time there as we earned our moolah. They even gave us quite a generous amount of samples to try afterwards. Though it was information overload, but dude, I wouldn't mind another training day! And I got to know that I'd be working at bhg bugis with yuxuan, taking on the morning shift from 10am-6pm.
15/02/14: Attachment day
Every one of us had to undergo attachment for one weekend to see how the full-timers promoted the products, to know the basic operation of being a staff and also, the opening of the counter. Today was really good, with Elian and Huixin, who were really good guide. I was taught how to prep the counter for the day (lights on, logging into pivotal, dusting and cleaning the products), how to write a transaction memo based on the sku code and the ref code, how to promote the products to the customers. And, Huixin even went through with me the entire catalogue, presenting to me how she would to a customer. Whoa... she's damn nice! I'm still in awe of their professionalism man. It was an interesting day!
17/02/13: Day 1
Did my full blown makeup entirely by myself today and boy, am I proud. No, it didn't look fabulous, but it was my first time drawing and spamming things on my face myself. Most of the times when makeup was  required, some other kind soul helped me along the way. Sales was pretty bad today cause there were only a few souls floating around bugis bhg on a Monday. I swear I really sucked at sales today but well, I didn't feel bad cause there wasn't any sales target to hit, neither do I have to care about any bloody commission. Thank god.. if not I'd have to relive the days of being a promoter for beautyful minds. (On a side note: I finally received my pay for that! a mere $309.75 but that was the best I could do.)
18/02/14: Day 2
Blue eyeshadow today instead of yesterday's pink! I sold products to 2customers before yuxuan came and that totalled to $422. I'm really glad there were customers for me to talk to, if not I'd die of boredom, from just idling around. And yup the rest of the days was just idling with not much traffic.
19/02/12: Day 3
Last day of being a beauty advisor today! Was really lazy to put on make up today but ah well, it's part of the job requirements, so I did. Anyway I met a really pretty Caucasian lady today! She's a British who had just arrived in Singapore. She's got a real bright smile that seemed so so genuine.  My heart just went awwwww and melted whenever she flashed me one of those smiles +v+ hope she'll enjoy her days here! And... yeah there was practically no sales afterwards, truth to be told, noone even stopped by Clarins. Maybe they were scared off/put off by me and yuxuan who gave up and just started playing among ourselves haha. But well, that marks the end of the job! 
- Agent Adecco
- $9/hr
- total working hours: 35
- total earned: $315

Overall, it's been a really different job experience! I've seen so many rich taitai who splurge on all kind of products that Clarins carry, so many stingy spenders who holds on those nitty gritty things (makes me wonder why they would even step into the store), how people were so image conscious as they seek out tons of slimming and contouring products, learnt about how facial regime works and all the different serums/cream there was... YUP.
And 1 most important thing that I've learnt: 世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人! With the proper treatment products and the right amount of investment, dabbing a huge amount of diligence and perseverance, age/imperfections are nothing! (Not me la tho, cause I still look... whatever hahaha. Just referring to the amount of people who look to these kind of products whoa)