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Good times

Steaming hot Vietnam coffee in one hand, a book in the other. With the rays of sunlight that streams from the window, with the soft breathing sound of the little ones. Time seems to have stood still.   :)

Good Samaritan

Good day! You know that Singapore is worth staying in when you have some stranger, with a big heart, knocking on your door to return you your wallet with the pink IC inside.Yes, I lost my wallet on Monday night while on the way back home. Although I had felt that something was amiss, like a premonition of something evil looming, it wasn't until I boarded the bus, heading towards somewhere when I realised that my wallet was missing. While on the bus, I mentally calculated how much I have to spend for dinner later on and then proceeded to fumbling around my entire bag. I nearly emptied everything out unto the empty seat that was beside me and literally turned my bag inside out but, no, my wallet wasn't there. At this point of time, I still didn't freak out, no. I was pretty sure I left it at childfirst and considering the teachers who I knew were all righteous and kind, wouldn't do anything more than keeping it safe for me. With that in mind, I felt my heart ease a littl…

Allegiance vs Alternative

Okay so, today while I went to Childfirst to do my relief for Ms Sarah again, the vice-principal came to talk to me. Apparently, the full time assistant teacher that was helping with the mangosteen class had only till today to work. It seems like she wasn't well-received here and wasn't happy with the job, so she is leaving. And, I was offered to stand in for the time being, starting from next week till May, when another teacher would have gotten her diploma and would then be able to take up the role of the full-time assistant teacher. Right, so now, I have a job offered here at Childfirst! I should be really happy but...
Just a few days ago, through some connections and a few kind souls, I had arranged for an interview with another childcare centre, with high probability in landing myself a temporary part time job there too. 
On one side, I would want to help Zhang lao shi again and see the kids again (something to note is that they now have additional 3 kids, making a total…

Faux autumn

These few days, I stayed at home for most of the days 'cause there wasn't any reason for me to leave the house. Instead, i found reason not to leave house: the haze was too suffocating, the heat waves were too unbearable and, I haven't finished watching my drama. I received a call from childfirst a few days ago, asking if I could go down and relief for a teacher for 2 days and the me who thought of this as a calling for me to divorce this lazy life of mine, had agreed to. Hence, I went today to do relief duties at childfirst for the afternoon slot.
The joy of seeing the kids again was indescribable. Though I was doing relief for another class, I got the chance to meet my kids while we were in the washroom, changing diapers heheh. They looked stunned initially (like who wouldn't, since it was 1 whole week since we've last seen each other), but quickly recovered when I started greeting them like crazy. And soon, they came hugging me, calling me 'jiejie'. Ahh…

Say Something - Pentatonix (A Great Big World & Christi...

damn i love this cover sooo much, chills down my bones!

Hannah's gift (Maria Housden)

Have just recently finished reading this amazing book, Hannah's gift! Found this book around some corner of my house while I was doing some massive cleaning and decided to read it before it goes into the dumpster. And now, I am really glad I haven't threw it out! I have been reading it, little by little, while I was waiting for the kids to wake up from their afternoon nap at Childfirst. And for every single time that I've flipped open the book, I had been totally captivated by the words of Maria. Each thought of hers was so provoking that it stung me, wondering what I am doing with my life when there was so much to be done. Just a preview, the story was about how Maria had survived the painful yet beautiful ordeal of her daughter, an unlucky victim of cancer. While she was all beat up and have surrendered herself to fate, it was Hannah who taught her the valuable lessons of life -- she reminded her of courage, unquestionable faith, selfless love and gave her a reason to b…

Earl Grey Cupcakes

Hi guys! I went on a family shopping trip to IKEA recently with my family and hola! I picked up some pretty cupcake liners and silicone moulds that would be perfect for making cupcakes. Imagining how our pathetic little old oven would make baking so much harder, I knew it was finally time to buy an oven that sister had always wanted to. And so, we went over to the super mega courts next door to buy a newer & much bigger electric oven, whoohoo! 
Really excited about baking, I went online to source for my earl grey cupcakes with lemon icing, since they were the best cupcake combination that I've ever tasted. And to that, I picked out the recipe from The pictures looked really promising and with all the gears that I have just bought, I thought for sure, it would be a success...but I thought wrong, sadly.
I had followed the recipe strictly, well, except that I had only used 2 earl grey teabags instead of 3 cause they ran …

Lemon Crinkle cookies

I've just received my cookie press and so, I baked cookies today! Lemon crinkle cookies! It's really awesome that the cookie press came with so many hard plates for different shapes and I got really excited. But ah, even tho I followed the recipe stricly, it seems like the dough was too liquidy that the shape wouldn't stay it all flattened out, losing it's shape. :( and also, the recommended 1tablespoon of lemon juice wasn't enough, it tasted just like any another cookie! Boooo.

The End


To be honest, today wasn't the happiest day out of the 7days that I was working here.

Firstly, I had to go relief @ apple class today morning, early in the morning at 8am. Not that the teacher isn't as nice or the kids aren't as cute, but it just didn't feel right. I felt so uptight in class all the time, having to shout here and there. It kind of pissed me off when one kid didn't obey my words, so I trapped her till she cried and said sorry. It was really tiring, but the hershey chocolate-filled muffin that we helped mixed made everything so much better! Guess food really heals eh :D

Secondly, Zhang lao shi didn't come to school today.. even though it would be the last time that I'll join her class sigh. And to top if off, I had to go help out at apple class for afternoon as well... Anyway, more about Zhang Lao shi! Well, she's been really nice to me and I am really thankful for that. The first day…