Allegiance vs Alternative

Okay so, today while I went to Childfirst to do my relief for Ms Sarah again, the vice-principal came to talk to me. Apparently, the full time assistant teacher that was helping with the mangosteen class had only till today to work. It seems like she wasn't well-received here and wasn't happy with the job, so she is leaving. And, I was offered to stand in for the time being, starting from next week till May, when another teacher would have gotten her diploma and would then be able to take up the role of the full-time assistant teacher. Right, so now, I have a job offered here at Childfirst! I should be really happy but...

Just a few days ago, through some connections and a few kind souls, I had arranged for an interview with another childcare centre, with high probability in landing myself a temporary part time job there too. 

On one side, I would want to help Zhang lao shi again and see the kids again (something to note is that they now have additional 3 kids, making a total of 8 and as I have seen, it was total havoc managing so many kids), and on the other side, I would like to see other childcare centres and see what it has to offer for me. Well, I did ask for a pay raise @ childfirst, but I only asked for a mere $0.50/hour raise...... okay that was really stupid of me right, should have just pulled it up more but ugh no choice now. I guess I would just make choices based on the pay offered by the other childcare centre and on the feeling/environment then!

*Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for me to be in a jobless state for the last week! For the whole of last week, since the release of A level results, I had just spent time learning to bake, catching up on my.shoujo mangas, chasing kdrama (my love from another star.& personal taste), ransacking the fleamarkets and enjoying running man. Yes, basically a life of an useless bum hanging by the lappy around the clock, but teehee I enjoyed it!
*received my payment for the 7days that I've worked ar childfirst - $406 nia :'(