Earl Grey Cupcakes

Hi guys! I went on a family shopping trip to IKEA recently with my family and hola! I picked up some pretty cupcake liners and silicone moulds that would be perfect for making cupcakes. Imagining how our pathetic little old oven would make baking so much harder, I knew it was finally time to buy an oven that sister had always wanted to. And so, we went over to the super mega courts next door to buy a newer & much bigger electric oven, whoohoo! 

Really excited about baking, I went online to source for my earl grey cupcakes with lemon icing, since they were the best cupcake combination that I've ever tasted. And to that, I picked out the recipe from http://www.kirstyscakesandbakes.co.uk/earl-grey-cupcakes/. The pictures looked really promising and with all the gears that I have just bought, I thought for sure, it would be a success...but I thought wrong, sadly.

I had followed the recipe strictly, well, except that I had only used 2 earl grey teabags instead of 3 cause they ran out. Ironically, I was always trying to finish the earl grey teabags cause the Lady Grey Tea wasn't the earl grey that I had wanted. I should have bought the Classics Earl Grey Tea. Well yeah so, I blamed myself when there wasn't a slightest earl grey scent in the cupcake eventually.

Right, so first step, I heated the milk and let the teabags steep in for almost 2 hours, hoping to draw out its scent as much as possible.

Then I just followed through the recipe, to mix everything together.
The batter did come out kind of weird, like its too slushy but I still carried on anyway, cause I had a recipe to follow. 

And then, they were ready to be sent for baking!

Right, so according to the recipe, I baked them at 150 degree celsius for 20min and left them to their sauna time, while I concentrated on washing up and doing the lemon icing. But to my horror, when I finally took them out of the oven, the base of the cupcakes were all burnt and charcoaled. And also, to my great disappointment, 3 out of 6 of my silicone moulds cracked! I had read the manual and was assured that the highest temperature it could withstand was 250 degrees celsius, but they had already broke down at 150. Felt so cheated so I wrote in to IKEA to see how they would respond to this, hoping that they would do a full replacement for me. 

Alright, so, I set aside my feelings and then proceeded on with my icing making. It was my first time making an icing, so I really paid attention to the recipe a lot. As it turns out, although the lemony taste was there, but, it was really buttery and slushy yet again. Also, the amount for the icing was way too much for what the recipe called for in making 8-10 cupcakes. 

 In the end, the icing was so slushy that it wouldn't stay in shape. And thus, I was unable to make any define swirls or pretty designs atop the cupcakes. So the earl grey cupcakes ended up with their bottom charcoaled, a hinge of tastelessness in terms of the earl grey essence, a over-the-top buttery icing. And not to mention, the huge amount of leftovers for the lemon icing. It was definitely a failure this time, sigh.