Faux autumn

These few days, I stayed at home for most of the days 'cause there wasn't any reason for me to leave the house. Instead, i found reason not to leave house: the haze was too suffocating, the heat waves were too unbearable and, I haven't finished watching my drama. I received a call from childfirst a few days ago, asking if I could go down and relief for a teacher for 2 days and the me who thought of this as a calling for me to divorce this lazy life of mine, had agreed to. Hence, I went today to do relief duties at childfirst for the afternoon slot.

The joy of seeing the kids again was indescribable. Though I was doing relief for another class, I got the chance to meet my kids while we were in the washroom, changing diapers heheh. They looked stunned initially (like who wouldn't, since it was 1 whole week since we've last seen each other), but quickly recovered when I started greeting them like crazy. And soon, they came hugging me, calling me 'jiejie'. Ahhhhhhhhhh it felt so nice to be remembered :') Well, i'm gonna do another relief on friday and yeah I'll see them again hopefully (if we stumble into each other again)!

After work, I skated back home from mountbatten square and man, everywhere was so beautiful! Depsite the harsh conditions these days, there was still those that had the power of will and had blossomed beautifully. And even within that quirky mix of bronze/copper/orange/yellow fallen leaves, it came to me as if it was autumn! The satisfaction of hopping around a pile of crunchy and juicy leaves made me seemed like a lunatic to those passerby.  But nope, that did not scare me cause there wouldn't be a chance for me to see them again so I spent quite some time playing with myself in that land of fallen leaves teehee. It was fun!