Good Samaritan

Good day! You know that Singapore is worth staying in when you have some stranger, with a big heart, knocking on your door to return you your wallet with the pink IC inside.

Yes, I lost my wallet on Monday night while on the way back home. Although I had felt that something was amiss, like a premonition of something evil looming, it wasn't until I boarded the bus, heading towards somewhere when I realised that my wallet was missing. While on the bus, I mentally calculated how much I have to spend for dinner later on and then proceeded to fumbling around my entire bag. I nearly emptied everything out unto the empty seat that was beside me and literally turned my bag inside out but, no, my wallet wasn't there. At this point of time, I still didn't freak out, no. I was pretty sure I left it at childfirst and considering the teachers who I knew were all righteous and kind, wouldn't do anything more than keeping it safe for me. With that in mind, I felt my heart ease a little as I went on the night peacefully.

The next day at work, which is today, I had expected some one to say," Hey your wallet!" But nope, nobody did. Even when I asked around, searched high and low for it, it was nowhere to be seen. On usual days, I would have been like "oh shit, just my luck. Time to find a replacement wallet. " But not today. Today I had brought out my IC for an interview scheduled earlier that day. Not just that, I had my house key in it.... the thought that someone who had a malicious intent might just break into my house with the add on my ic really scared me. I requested to watch the cctv to see if I really left it here to give me a hint on where it could have been, I went to the security officer to ask and also left my contact number in case someone drops it there, I retraced the route I took yesterday and walked to the bus stop and I talked to the construction guy aroud the area. Disappointingly, it all boiled down to a negative response.

By this time, I was really giving up on all hopes, already thinking of how to deal with the scenario. I had to go to ICA a few days later to report a loss and replace one for $100, to the police station to report just in case and then cry in one corner for being so careless. Luckily, the day went by busily to keep me from thinking much about all that. And at last, I returned home after the day has ended. I finally told my dad about it, he got mad for a while before informing me of what to do sequentially.

I was really absorbing myself into the reality until I heard a knock on my house door. A hesitatant filler 'er' came through, I turned my head for a brief second to see an old guy standing there, before turning my head sharply back to face my computer. During the short period of time, my mind was going,"A guy in his forties, to be dressing so plainly for any retailing, what would he have to offer? Besides, I'm not gonna buy anything no matter what, I'm really broke now. " My mind seemed to stop its track for a while when he said," I believe it's you." I looked up to see what he meant when he waved that small pink wallet that had elephant prints on it. IT WAS MY WALLET! I propelled myself out of my seat to the front door and immediately opened it up for him. He graciously handed it to me while I took some time to utter a word of gratitude after recovering from my broad grin. While I stood there with a million thoughts running wildly in my head, he slowly backed away and started walking away. I didn't know what to do stop and repay him but all I managed was to ask him where he had found it. He slowed down his pace, flashed a smile at me while saying, "bus stop", before vanishing away in that little corridor.

And soooo I got back my ic! Wow, can we just rake a minute to appreciate what the Samaritan has done? I am truly abashed for judging him and ignoring him initially... I shouldn't have oops. I really am grateful for him  for coming all the way down to my house to return it personally to me. For a stranger who picked up something at the bus stop, to go an extra mile, to do something that meant something to someone else.... it was beautifully amazing. Imagine if someone else had wanted to borrow from loansharks using my ic, or to even sell my ic, how much worse the situations would have turned out. But yet, this guy did not. #Faith-in-humanity-restored huh. :) bless your soul for being such a kind-hearted person! I really hope that the $20 inside was taken by you cause you really deserve way more! THANK YOU STRANGER. Now I'm just gonna pay it forward!  :D

* anyway I'm back to working at Childfirst! They gladly raised my pay to $8/hr hehe yes! :D