Hannah's gift (Maria Housden)

Have just recently finished reading this amazing book, Hannah's gift! Found this book around some corner of my house while I was doing some massive cleaning and decided to read it before it goes into the dumpster. And now, I am really glad I haven't threw it out! I have been reading it, little by little, while I was waiting for the kids to wake up from their afternoon nap at Childfirst. And for every single time that I've flipped open the book, I had been totally captivated by the words of Maria. Each thought of hers was so provoking that it stung me, wondering what I am doing with my life when there was so much to be done. Just a preview, the story was about how Maria had survived the painful yet beautiful ordeal of her daughter, an unlucky victim of cancer. While she was all beat up and have surrendered herself to fate, it was Hannah who taught her the valuable lessons of life -- she reminded her of courage, unquestionable faith, selfless love and gave her a reason to believe in. It was really amazing seeing how the little girl held onto her hopes and dreams, still being her real true self in spite of the looming crisis.

Some words from the book which struck me:
-The truest meaning of a life is not in its length, but the fullness in which it is lived.
- I forgot to worry about what anyone else thought.
- I realized, then, that home is not some familiar place you can always return to; it is the rightness you feel, wherever you are, when you know you are loved.
- My mind knew that it wasn't real, but my heart was grateful.
- This joy didn't need to be documented; it already had a permanent home in our hearts.
- Even the darkest one had contained silvers of savage joy.
- A soul suffocated by fears leaves too many joys unlived.

I felt that this book speaks to anyone who may feel that life is too overwhelming, with all the societal pressures and their piercing judgement; anyone who may feel that life is meaningless; and to those who feel that fate is cruel. It's a really really meaningful book and is one of the best that I've read thus far :)