The End


To be honest, today wasn't the happiest day out of the 7days that I was working here.

Firstly, I had to go relief @ apple class today morning, early in the morning at 8am. Not that the teacher isn't as nice or the kids aren't as cute, but it just didn't feel right. I felt so uptight in class all the time, having to shout here and there. It kind of pissed me off when one kid didn't obey my words, so I trapped her till she cried and said sorry. It was really tiring, but the hershey chocolate-filled muffin that we helped mixed made everything so much better! Guess food really heals eh :D

Secondly, Zhang lao shi didn't come to school today.. even though it would be the last time that I'll join her class sigh. And to top if off, I had to go help out at apple class for afternoon as well...
Anyway, more about Zhang Lao shi! Well, she's been really nice to me and I am really thankful for that. The first day I reported, I was like a burdensome helper with no experience at all. She had to guide me through the changing of diapers, the preparation of milk, and all the things that I was supposed to help out with! And for everyday of my work, she shared with me food that she brought of home, her inner thoughts that she shared with only a few and praises that made me feel recognished and really at ease with her, just like a family! To such a passionate and cute person, I wish her all the best in her endeavours!

Thirdly, IT SUCKS WHEN THE KIDS DON'T KNOW I'LL BE GONE BY MONDAY. Ah damn, it's not like I have a choice to leave right. And today while drinking milk, koen demanded to drink while sitting in my lap again. He was lying there and playing with his bottle, till he saw me from the corner of his little watery eyes. He then stretched out his little arms towards me and clenched his fist, gesturing for me to go over to him. I sat down and asked him to come over instead and immediately, he managed to stagger up on his feet, gave an excited and happy squeal, before stumbling his way around to me. After drinking, I had to go over to report to apple class, so I told him to play toys instead but all he did was, to shake his head, wailed out mama and then hugged and grabbed me tightly. WA... Although he wasn't mine to keep, that really stole my heart and I had to hold back on my tears cause I know that'll be the last time I'll hold him.

Okay and now, officially introducing my 6 kids of mangosteen afternoon class!

Koen, the littlest cutest thing on Earth. I still remember the first day he came in, he just kept crying for his mummy. I would hold him by his round tummy, place my right index over his nose bridge and then hush him. Miraculously, he would open his eyes that had been tightly shut previously due to all the crying and say to me mummy while hugging me. As the days went pass, his cries for his mummy lessened and it got much better! Instead of crying and coming into my embrace, he would come into my embrace smiling and laughing. Ah, I really miss smelling the lovely baby smell on him, those that screams, "BABY, I'M A BABY, HUG ME" kind of smell. But anyway, back to today, he kept clinging to me while in school but the moment his daddy came, he gave me a hug and left without turning his head at all :'( Then I knew, what's yours would always be yours and what isn't... will never be sigh. I am really glad I got the chance to be with him tho! He's a real joy!

And then there is the ever charming Andre! The kid who loves ballooooons like mad and stares at them when others have it and he doesn't. He is one boy who really understands what you say and would think through it. The way he laughs is really heartwarming, especially with his mesmerising long eyelashes! Now imagine him, holding his loved balloon, smiling and laughing as he comes running towards you, grabs your leg and looks up, straight at you. Gah hansum hansum.

En rui, the pretty lady girl who always call me jiejie and then smiles at me sweetly (I didn't even taught her to call me jiejie but she did wheeeee *touchedtouched!). She's really obedient, listens to everything I say and is magnanimous, who doesn't bear grudges towards those who made her upset. She's got a real big heart, one who is willing to share with others! Bless your angelic soul :D! Side note: en rui's poopoo is lethally dangerous, it is massive, hazardous to the eyes and toxic to the nose!

Isaac, who is just a mischievous cute boy. He's one who is spoiled by parents and even teachers, just because he's so cute and cheeky. He always break the rules that you set, but would always counter with a sorry and a killer smile and a pat on your shoulder.. HOW TO REFUSE. The fact that he always kept guin guin (his plush toy penguin) around him made him double the cuteness!

Liang wen le, the quiet yet knowing one. He's a man of few words (the only words I heard from him was: thank you and wioefxlniwkejsfdnc fighting sound) but man, he knows what is happening around him. As long as he sees me taking the milk bottles out of the room, he lies down there quietly and waits. He waits for me to come back, waits for me to start distributing the bottles, waits for me to notice that he's waiting there, waits for me to uncap his bottle and stretch out to deliver it right to his face. I bet he's a real thinker! Be daring and voice out your thoughts darling! Go forth!

Belle belle, the pretty one who loveeeeeeeees eating. She's the one who is at your beck and call only when you mention something about food, be it desserts/biscuit/milk. She likes messing up your stuff and then give you that "i am innocent, what happened here?" face and walks it off. I never really did try to play with her cause......... I was too hooked up with the others. Sorry that I never did, but I'm sure you are loved everywhere you go with that pretty face of yours.

Yup, so that's my 6 kids whom I really adored and loved! Even though it may mean nothing to them, it meant something to me. It reminded me again of the pureness of joy, the beauty of love and the happiness and joy in life. Thank you kids for entertaining and accepting me, love y'all :')

And also, to all the teachers whom I've came across. They were all wonderful teachers with a really big heart for children and love them all the same way I do. For a part time casual, they treated me really well! A lot of them helped me in one way or another during my time here. Their cheery deposits really motivated me into doing my best and earned my respect for their earnest efforts. Way to go teachers! The kids are all in good hands!!

*One time, when I was doing closing (when parents come and pick the children up from a playroom), while I was chatting with one of the teachers, Isaac was pushing people to get my attention. I immediately put on a stern face and chided him lightly but firmly and the next thing I saw beside those pair of fearful eyes, was those of the teacher. After a few seconds of eye contact and while waiting for me to finish my session with Isaac, she said to me, "I think you're suited to be a teacher, really!" The feeling of being recognised.... WA ACCOMPLISHMENT!

*On another note, all the teachers to whom I've talked to all encouraged me to pursue my studies above anything else. They suggested teacher as a backup plan to those study plans which might backfire unfortunately. The reason being, this is a job which can be picked up with time to come, where academic results doesn't matter. Mmm.. Makes me wonder if all the teachers here feels that they are trapped here...

Hahaha yeah so, it's really been nice working there @ childfirst although I wouldn't mind spending more time here, hehe!