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Unreasoned angst

For totally no reason at all, I am in a complete state  of annoyance. Nobody did anything wrong but I just feel like everything just is annoying the hell out of me. I know it's weird and erratic of me but I can't beat this feeling. Isn't it scary how emotions are so uncontrollable? It's like your rational sound mind has just lost a power match of arm-wrestle with your emotional evilistic soul. The evilness in me is taking precedence over me oh damn, someone save me.

Late night skating

just went skating recently with tung and Nana after work at ecp!Here's how skating in near darkness is like:Life is like a skating journey in the dark. Initially, you paddle forth with all your might because the night seems young and the journey seems unwritten. The night breeze comes like a winning streak (like a highway to success) cause it chills you to the bone and makes you feel ever so carefree and alive. With a glint of confidence liken to the moonlight that shines your path a little, you maneuver pass those worrying twigs known as obstacles in your life.  But then again, in the darkness, nothing is as predictable as the constant fear and worry. And when you least expect a knockdown, you run over a goddamn harmless-looking twig and fall over, hard on the ground. You say fcuk you damn obstacle, dust it off and pick yourself up on the penny again, cause that is what life and skating is about. You bear in mind the impact of another slipoff with caution and charge on like a wil…

USS day!

HEY WASSUP! Guess who's crazy enough to go to USS with a sore throat and a sexy-husky voice? YEAH MAN. Whoever goes to USS and doesn't scream like a wild child all day? So now I'm lying in bed repenting for screaming so much, especially when my voice seems to have recovered a tiny little. (And maybe because I ate macs, icecream and prata that's bad for my throat) 
Well, I was initially against the idea of going to USS cause I really think it'd be real boring to go again when there's no new rides. But let's just say I got monetarily and socially bribed to go haha. 
Soooo i went ahead and yeah, it was actually a pretty fun and awesome day at the USS! It started out with visiting the normal attractions (like the perfs and plays) and the different photo taking points, which was  pretty chill. Then I got bored and started staring at kids, hopeful to find a cute one, until I saw this little girl who seemed to be pacing back and forth the same spot.  Tung and I fig…

The Time Keeper

Another of Mitch Albom's - for which I hold great expectations to, after all those high praises and recognitions. All I gotta say is that, really, "Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed." For all those works that have been highly rated or valued, it seems like my expectations would just inevitably be on a high bar, one that few would be able to jump over successfully. Most of those which seems promising just falls flat, while some other, barely made it. This book to me, was like the latter. It didn't come to me like whoawhoawhoa time is really meant to be. Ya I get the message that we should live in our moment rightfully and happily and to live with meaning but, I felt like something was lacking. It must have been my expectations I guess, no helping it. So maybe the next time I pick up another book, I shouldn't check out it's market evaluation first and then read it, but the other round. Read the book, savour every moment with…

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I've just finished reading The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman last night!I've picked this book up cause it was one with the highest rating on goodreads. And true to its rating, it was an interesting read.This book was from a first-person narrative of how his childhood has been, particularly things that happened at the end of the lane. The hempstock family were not of mere human dominion but something even greater. There were souls that came from other dimensions, who seeked to rule the world, varmints whom came to gobble up all these lost souls. The way the story progresses totally threw me off the usuals and made me imagine a lot. It was really fun imagining as I read along!It made me wonder about other life forms apart from ours. who knows if they do exist? Who knows, maybe they are in our midst. Life is but a wonder mmmmm

Backstage Cafe

Here at the backstage cafe on a Friday afternoon, for which is a no work day!It's a hidden cafe amidst the industrial buildings all around, at Kallang way 1. The plus point that it is so near to my crib made me decide to come here for my getaway. Only bus 125 comes around here so it's rather inconvenient that I had to take it from the bus stop at BoonKeng mrt. But well, I had errands to run around BoonKeng and everything fell nicely together! The cafe is rather spacious with high ceilings, making it feel like it's roomy and not suffocating. The ambience would have been better, if not for the constant pop music that makes it seem as tho I'm back to the daily rush and catchup with the current trend. Service around here is pretty good and quick. On a weekday afternoon like this, there ain't much people around and it's pretty quiet except for the chattering of the staffs themselves. I had Eggs Benedict ($12) and Flat White ($4.50 for serving hot). First time orderi…

The Genesis Code

Alright, so this is me, who just realised that my Sister heard every single word I uttered. while I was screaming my lungs out at every single song that was being played,  in the shower. More on the embarrassed side rather than on the guilty side (for the awful noise)exactly what I feel right now:▔□▔)/▔□▔)/▔□▔)/Back to today's highlight, I had just finished reading "The Genesis Code" by John Case! It was a book that Melly had lent me, since before JC 2 started. Yes, there was a hella lot of procrastination of me picking up and reading through the book. One main factor was that, the first chapter bored around the technicalities of the Christianity, in the area focused on the Vaticans. It was so suffocating and unbearable to have read through it but I did, because I was assured of it's goodness in the second half of the book. And after much much much determination to read pass the first phase, (because they'd always say that the wise is one who reads all kinds of b…

Love hurts

For the past few weeks, my daily life routine has just been filled with working at Childfirst. Working with those small little monsters made everyday busy and unique, making each day an interesting one. :)

But... just last Friday, something odd happened and it made me really sad. 
Like any other day, after I had woke the kids from the morning class, sent them to their afternoon classes, I went over to fetch my kids. I stood outside the classroom, by the large window that meant that the classroom was highly seen through, and greeted my kids. Normally, at this point of time, I would have made every of my kid squeal in delight and a smile for me, but not today. While I was staring at Rui Xun (RX), he looked away from me and stared at the floor. Weird, I thought, maybe he did not slept well.
But when I attempted to take away his blanket and keep it in his bag, he started wincing (normally he would put it in himself willingly and clumsily) Maybe that was what kickstarted it, but for the re…