Backstage Cafe

Here at the backstage cafe on a Friday afternoon, for which is a no work day!

It's a hidden cafe amidst the industrial buildings all around, at Kallang way 1. The plus point that it is so near to my crib made me decide to come here for my getaway.

Only bus 125 comes around here so it's rather inconvenient that I had to take it from the bus stop at BoonKeng mrt. But well, I had errands to run around BoonKeng and everything fell nicely together!

The cafe is rather spacious with high ceilings, making it feel like it's roomy and not suffocating. The ambience would have been better, if not for the constant pop music that makes it seem as tho I'm back to the daily rush and catchup with the current trend. Service around here is pretty good and quick. On a weekday afternoon like this, there ain't much people around and it's pretty quiet except for the chattering of the staffs themselves.

I had Eggs Benedict ($12) and Flat White ($4.50 for serving hot). First time ordering my own eggs benedict actually, so I can't really critique but it wasn't like, "WHOA THIS IS IT".

Anyway the main point of me coming here, is to read. Now that the sun has dwindled, the orangey tungsten lightning is surely not giving me enough light...

It'd be a nice place to catch up with friends, rather than to do a total book immersion.