The Ocean At The End Of The Lane

I've just finished reading The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman last night!

I've picked this book up cause it was one with the highest rating on goodreads. And true to its rating, it was an interesting read.

This book was from a first-person narrative of how his childhood has been, particularly things that happened at the end of the lane. The hempstock family were not of mere human dominion but something even greater. There were souls that came from other dimensions, who seeked to rule the world, varmints whom came to gobble up all these lost souls. The way the story progresses totally threw me off the usuals and made me imagine a lot. It was really fun imagining as I read along!

It made me wonder about other life forms apart from ours. who knows if they do exist? Who knows, maybe they are in our midst. Life is but a wonder mmmmm