USS day!

HEY WASSUP! Guess who's crazy enough to go to USS with a sore throat and a sexy-husky voice? YEAH MAN. Whoever goes to USS and doesn't scream like a wild child all day? So now I'm lying in bed repenting for screaming so much, especially when my voice seems to have recovered a tiny little. (And maybe because I ate macs, icecream and prata that's bad for my throat) 

Well, I was initially against the idea of going to USS cause I really think it'd be real boring to go again when there's no new rides. But let's just say I got monetarily and socially bribed to go haha. 

Soooo i went ahead and yeah, it was actually a pretty fun and awesome day at the USS! It started out with visiting the normal attractions (like the perfs and plays) and the different photo taking points, which was  pretty chill. Then I got bored and started staring at kids, hopeful to find a cute one, until I saw this little girl who seemed to be pacing back and forth the same spot.  Tung and I figured that she was probably lost so we stopped in our tracks and routine to help her out. Turns out she really was lost, and that she was a Korean. We kinda had trouble talking to her but yeah she managed to find her dad. The genuine smile of relief and comfort she had across her face as she held her dad's hand made me really happu, even more so when she shyly returned my high five! 

Yup so I got pretty crazy as i started to spout nonsense, talk to strangers and make weird noises with that husky voice of mine. I am really glad I have crazy friends with me to join me haha. We probably annoyed some people but HEY, we call it free entertainment. Yeah so the fun sets in just when the sun went to hide behind the fluffy clouds. Rides time came and we went on transformer and then MUMMY. The latter has ironically now became the best ride in USS since the roller coaster has been down. (But dood seriously, which uss operates without a damn rollercoaster? Wtf is a pathetic mummy in comparison to the rollercoaster?) Anyway we still found joy in it cause mainly there wasnt much souls around in the site (which adds on to the spookiness all around) while we just ran crazily up to take the ride again and again. We were satisfied but reluctant to go after taking it thrice but well time for fireworks display! Yeah so the fireworks display was pretty decent and that probably summed up the day fairly.

 I guess it's the company that matters so YUP TODAY WAS GOOOOOOOD.