The Genesis Code

Alright, so this is me, who just realised that my Sister heard every single word I uttered. while I was screaming my lungs out at every single song that was being played,  in the shower. More on the embarrassed side rather than on the guilty side (for the awful noise)

exactly what I feel right now:


Back to today's highlight, I had just finished reading "The Genesis Code" by John Case! It was a book that Melly had lent me, since before JC 2 started. Yes, there was a hella lot of procrastination of me picking up and reading through the book. One main factor was that, the first chapter bored around the technicalities of the Christianity, in the area focused on the Vaticans. It was so suffocating and unbearable to have read through it but I did, because I was assured of it's goodness in the second half of the book.

And after much much much determination to read pass the first phase, (because they'd always say that the wise is one who reads all kinds of books, and that there is always a lesson to every story), things really got better! I hadn't been much of a reader so this book had pretty much been my first thriller kind of book and it was good!

The book centered around a main character by the name of Joe Lassiter, whose Sister and nephew had been killed. He's an ultra rich guy with tons of connections so he goes all out to investigate why they were murdered so brutally. Turns out, it is linked to religious beliefs that totally disagrees with the idea of manipulating genetic materials. There was a priest, who delved into the mechanics of genes and its manipulation into Christianity. What he did was to get the DNA from relics and reintegrate that into those ladies who wanted babies ex-vivo. This caused Umbra Domino to extinguish those who were conceived this way, because they think that they are of antichrist, in an attempt to recreate God.

I was wheeled in onto Joe's quest of finding out the truth and before I knew it, I had reached the epilogue! It really was interesting and captivating, yay. And it had a happy ending, double yay!

Alright so maybe I'd look into books of suspense, mystery and thriller kind next time!

* Anyway I skipped smu interview (for social science course) today, just 'cause Daddy says no, after I said that ntu actually did offer me my preferred choice already!
* Yeah so I went to the library instead to pick up some books: The Ocean By The End Of The Lane, The Timekeeper and Da Vinci Code.
* Tomorrow is actually a no-work day since the teachers are having a 'reflection & improvement' day..... IT MEANS YES I CAN GO DO WHATEVER SHIT I WANT!