Late night skating

just went skating recently with tung and Nana after work at ecp!

Here's how skating in near darkness is like:

Life is like a skating journey in the dark. Initially, you paddle forth with all your might because the night seems young and the journey seems unwritten. The night breeze comes like a winning streak (like a highway to success) cause it chills you to the bone and makes you feel ever so carefree and alive. With a glint of confidence liken to the moonlight that shines your path a little, you maneuver pass those worrying twigs known as obstacles in your life.  But then again, in the darkness, nothing is as predictable as the constant fear and worry. And when you least expect a knockdown, you run over a goddamn harmless-looking twig and fall over, hard on the ground. You say fcuk you damn obstacle, dust it off and pick yourself up on the penny again, cause that is what life and skating is about. You bear in mind the impact of another slipoff with caution and charge on like a wild child again. No you ain't shopping cause of the fall because the fall ain't nothing compared to the wind.

Actually, no I don't think of all this bullshit while I'm skating, I just concentrate on feeling the wind. I just wanted to write those and try being poetic hahaha wtf.