The Time Keeper

Another of Mitch Albom's - for which I hold great expectations to, after all those high praises and recognitions. All I gotta say is that, really, "Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed." For all those works that have been highly rated or valued, it seems like my expectations would just inevitably be on a high bar, one that few would be able to jump over successfully. Most of those which seems promising just falls flat, while some other, barely made it.
This book to me, was like the latter. It didn't come to me like whoawhoawhoa time is really meant to be. Ya I get the message that we should live in our moment rightfully and happily and to live with meaning but, I felt like something was lacking. It must have been my expectations I guess, no helping it.
So maybe the next time I pick up another book, I shouldn't check out it's market evaluation first and then read it, but the other round. Read the book, savour every moment without any spoiler or headsup, and then check out other people's pov. Yeah that seems more logical.
Next book: Da vinci by Dan Brown

Anyway, yesterday and today was quite happening for me I'd say. I had a makeup session at tung's, a crazy night at Dream with some s12ers (tho it was closed pretty early), sleepover at tung's, meetup with teamacapella (lunch&movie). It happened all together so quickly that I am still so dazed haha. But all was fun and it was good :D