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Australia Part 1: Gold Coast (Day 1 - 5)

Day 1 - Surfers' Paradise
We boarded the 2225 flight on 22/05/2014  from the city of gardens to goldcoast! Mood then: everything feels so surreal and it's all happening too fast. 
. This is us playing big2 to get pass the arduous 7-hour long flight.. bear in mind that scoot's seats are really really bad that you'll get serious neck and back aches.

The blazing sun with the chilling wind weather, WHOOOOOOOOOOO FRESH AIR

So here we are, at Gold Coast, Australia!  :D

 We bought our gocard (10AUD deposit and refundable top-ups 50AUD), boarded bus 777 from the airport to surfers paradise. The bus has got carts for us to store our luggage, so we could enjoy our rides comfortably. There wasn't any like electronic signs onboard so the bus driver (an old kind lady) had to shout across the entire bus to let us know of the bus stops we are heading to. I felt pretty lost and foreign for all reasons cause everything shouts, 'FOREIGN!'

Reached Vibe Hotel @ Surfers' Par…