AMPED trampoline park!

On labour day this year, I went to Amped trampoline park at katong with the girlies! Although it was a little more expensive today, being $15 per hour instead of the usual $12 per hour, it was still awesome!

Initially, I was a little reserved and scared to be jumping around like mad. Not that it's because I was afraid of the jumping and falling but because there was so many audiences having their eyes glued to the whole arena. They seem to be scrutinizing us with their hawk-eye glances and their venomous serpent tongue, so I really zoned out. It wasn't until I told myself that I should really step out of my own comfort zone more often, that I started letting loose of those invisible strong chains. 

The rest of the hour just felt really great doing whatever I please. From jumping tirelessly from mat to mat, practicing my rebound from the side mat, to even learning to do a front flip, it was all awesome.
Within minutes, I could really feel the weight of strain on my legs, submitting to the squats and jumps. It was like having a full blown work out but damn it's double the fun! 

Glad to be somehow sweating away those settling glucose that seemed to be ready for glycogenesis. (though we did gain it all back when we headed to the IcecreamGallery to have our brownies topped with caramel sea salt and red velvet, while coupled with a scoop of refreshing lemon sorbet! hehe)

It's definitely a day well spent! :)

And this is just another beautiful day captured while i was skating home from work