Australia, here I come!

Hurray hurray! After days of asking and persuading, dad agreed to let me go to Australia! Yay, here I come, AUSTRALIA WAIT FOR ME!

Pang tung and I would be camping at Melbourne first to join Melissa and to stay with her for a good 7 days (if she allows and wants!). I think she would be more than willing to, definitely, but the thing is that her exams are nearing, commencing in June. :( It really is a bad timing to be there and disrupt her studying spree but, ugh, only have ourselves to blame since we didn't made up our mind on it earlier!

Right, so after days in Melbourne, we'd go to sydney for a good $70 to stay for a night or two, and then end off at our final destination: Gold Coast!

WHIUUUUUUUUUUU CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO CELEBRATE THE JOYOUS OCCASION OF THIS DECISION? It's like yes yes  yes yes, yes surfer's paradise, yes bikinis, yes hot caucasians, yes beaches and bitches, yes sea world, yes dream world, yes movie world, yes roller coasters, yes to suntanning and getting sun-kissed skin, YES!

I can't wait for the days! :D

* I haven't really saved up..
* Loads of leave of absences to apply for
* Haven't had all the pretty clothes I would wanna wear
* Haven't bought my cammy's charger that was unfortunately lost :(
* Haven't taken a polaroid secretly with RX (before I leave, maybe for good)