Australia Part 1: Gold Coast (Day 1 - 5)

Day 1 - Surfers' Paradise

We boarded the 2225 flight on 22/05/2014  from the city of gardens to goldcoast! Mood then: everything feels so surreal and it's all happening too fast. 

This is us playing big2 to get pass the arduous 7-hour long flight.. bear in mind that scoot's seats are really really bad that you'll get serious neck and back aches.

The blazing sun with the chilling wind weather, WHOOOOOOOOOOO FRESH AIR

So here we are, at Gold Coast, Australia!  :D

  We bought our gocard (10AUD deposit and refundable top-ups 50AUD), boarded bus 777 from the airport to surfers paradise. The bus has got carts for us to store our luggage, so we could enjoy our rides comfortably. There wasn't any like electronic signs onboard so the bus driver (an old kind lady) had to shout across the entire bus to let us know of the bus stops we are heading to. I felt pretty lost and foreign for all reasons cause everything shouts, 'FOREIGN!'

Reached Vibe Hotel @ Surfers' Paradise and was allowed early check-in! The room was pretty amazing as we had thought it to be as we chose one with an 'aqua' view! Well, it wasn't the famous goldcoast beach that we were facing but a quiet river that provided more than enough peace and comfort!

The beds was so comfy that we decided to take a nap for a little 1 or 2 hours before we decided to head out to explore and grab some food! Well, we couldn't decide what to eat and were so hungry that we just chose ramen for dinner. I know it's weird that our first course over there was some Asian cuisine but really, we were just too hungry! (Because we tried to save money for the overpriced plane meal.)

My Nagahama ramen! (10 aud)

Then we headed to look around the area and shopped shopped! Pang and I bought our bikinis cause we forgot to bring our swimwear for wet'n'wild 2 days later! I bought a damn filmsy and basic kind of black bikini at just 10aud, for which I would probably never wear again haha. 

Walked to beachfront market, which wasn't all fantastic and unique, seems more like a mix of souvenirs flown from all over the world. The beach drew more attention than its market :D

Last stop of the day: coles supermarket! 

Bought this Australian Afternoon Tea, which doesn't have a unique appeal to it :(

Freezing cold while eating chilly watermelon!

With tung the facial guru around: MUST use the watermelon rind for our faces! A great relaxation before we went to bed early to catch sunrise the next morning!

Day 2 - Surfers' Paradise

Woke up super early today, in hopes of catching sunrise at the Surfers' Paradise beach! Had to rush rush rush, so we had cup noodles for breakfast!

*FYI: I had a really bad eye infection, presumably from the contacts that I've left alone for some time. It hurt really bad and there was constant disgusting pus being secreted out so yeah... had to wear glasses and avoided close-up pictures to the best that I could.

After yesterday's exploration, we were pretty much familiar with the surroundings so yeah, the transport wasn't at all confusing!

Heaven wasn't on our side with all the gloomy clouds gathering in the sky. The sun didn't permeate through the clouds and shine like they do :( But still, the surfers in action, the annoying birdies (seagulls?), the early morning runners, seeing the huge waves crashing, smelling the salty sea breeze and the girls in bikini was a sight to behold!

After watching sunrise and chilling on the beach, we detoured to the river that our hotel was looking over! It was great just standing there, absorbing whatever peace it held!

a pretty weird banana & honey milk I picked up from coles:

Anyway, we had the intention of going to the pool @ vibe hotel but holla, the pool's filter system wasn't working at all and the water looked stagnant and infested with insects that we abandoned the project. We went back home, ate yoghurt and read books by the balcony! After we were done with the chillz, we finally headed out again to the beach.

My barramundi Fish & Chips by the beach! (17.9 aud)

Check out that beach + sky reflection reflecting in tung's eyes! Beautiful yeah :D

The iconic Sufers' Paradise sign!

Back to take some more jump shots! This was taken by a very kind Japanese lady who was taking picture by herself. Conversed a little and found out that she was actually travelling alone. How brave of her, to wander through foreign land alone and how great it must have felt. I really wanna go travelling alone like she does! A great chance to go all out to meet totally new people and see beyond what I see.

(Btw: I looked like a chinese dumpling in the picture below cause I was wearing pang's cardi and my long skirt so it looked really bad oh god)

After walking around, we pretty much figured that we had nothing much to do around here so I insisted to go check out Timezone at least for a little while, since there were raves about it online. But damn, it was just like any other arcades out there, just a bigger version, so yeah we didn't bother playing and just went around it once.

And so..... the rest of the day was just filled with shopping around.. and it really really sucked. I hate shopping for a fact and it got to a point when I was blatantly annoyed. Really sorry to pang and tung for behaving like a spoiled brat for just tagging behind slowly, even though it's obvious that we had nothing to do except to shop.

We went back home to chillax awhile before coming out at night to grab some kebabs for late dinner!

And oh boy, I tell you, how the night was so different from the morning gold coast. When there was light, the people there were really friendly and welcoming (well they are mostly older and more matured people), so I didn't feel animosity at all. Yet, when the light ceases, the drunk and wild youngsters and party-goers were really hostile and anti-asians. Just walking along the town area warranted us a 'fuck you' and 'asians' and a lot of ridiculous wavings. With 3 girls in a foreign land, we were scared as hell that we rushed back to the comfort of our hotel after getting our kebabs. Intentions of visiting a night club during our last night at surfers'? Fat chance. We all withdrew within the welcoming embrace of our beds!

Day 3 - Sea World

Packed up early this morning, rushed to check out and get subway breakfast before we boarded the bus and left for Biggera Waters!

We kind of missed our stop and asked the bus driver how we were supposed to get to our apartment, The Atrium resort, and whee! Seeing that there wasn't anyone else on board, he called up the bus servicing centre to ask for clearance into the small roads to drive us nearer to our location! The lengths he goes to help us strangers was beyond me and I was really grateful. I really felt like: whoa biggera waters is gonna be really great!

We had to walk another 10mins to the Atrium so LEGGO!

We reached Atrium, deposited our luggages and waited for our shuttle bus (Con-X-ion) to arrive, cause.... WE'RE STARTING OFF OUR AMUSEMENT TRIPS, WITH SEAWORLD TODAY!

*drum-rolls drum-rolls drum rolls, CAN U FEEL MY HEART BEAT-BATHUMP
**the frustration from all the shopping previously evolved into this palpable desire and excitement for all the rides and craziness in the amusement parks. TO ADVENTURE AND SCREAMS (Y)! Say no to the old and boring shopping!

WEEB WEEB SEAWORLD HERE WE COME! The shuttle bus functions in a manner which the shuttle bus picks up passengers along the route to the sea world, from a starting point. So we were allocated a time to be picked up when we booked for it earlier yesterday. And for shuttle back home, we had to decide if we  wanted the pickup at 415pm and tadah, everything's smooth as laoban. 

* bought the 3 amusement parks + 3 to-and-fro transport package online for a little over 120 aud i think!

'Cause my eyes feels so much better today!

Look how it shines in all its glory and fame:

We joined the kiddy queue to shamelessly take picture with spongey!

Grabbed boysenberry twist ice cream @ 6aud!

Happy kiddy pang with her picturesque rainbow coated icecream, that spells FANTASY

Happy kiddos ^^v

hey, she's photobombing us!

And well, things esclated quickly! Love her quirkiness haha!

even the seal's shy!

(Instead of watching the seal peformance, this little perfect-looking baby caught my attention and I was trying to take her picture secretly hehehe)

*dem cheekz and eyez +v+

End of sea world, shuttle bus back home to Atrium! Overall, SeaWorld was pretty okay but it wasn't really that fun. The day has just been filled with running around the different shows and trying out best to visit the different animal nesting areas. We didn't had time to finish everything but yeah... it's a start!

OUR HOME! Our jaws dropped in amazement and contentment as we entered our lovely apartment 3D. The apartment was REALY REALLY good, with 2 bedrooms (of 2 single and 1 queen-sized bed), 2 bathrooms (1 with a huge corner bathtub), fully equipped kitchen (wall oven, dishwasher, cook top with hood and vent, refrigerator, microwave oven, necessary cooking utensils and cutleries), washing machine with tumble dryer, huge plasma tv, dining area ANDD a huge window overlooking the beach!

I really went around awing in excitement! And to avoid having for 1 person to sleep alone, we did the craziest thing to abandon the bedrooms and brought out the queen-sized bed and 1 single bed to the living room, so that we could wake up looking at the sunrise! It was really comfortable and amazing :D

The magnificent sunset :>

After spending a good amount of time chilling on our fort, we head out for dinner! The quiet, off-city kind of night life kind of threw us into a lost, cause by around 5/6pm, all activities including the bus services ceased to operate. We had to go miles to find the restaurant that we only knew was operating from online sources! Unlike in surfers' paradise, this really felt like home 'cause we felt safe walking on the streets, with noone to stare at us and to hurl insults at us. It was a really friendly neighbourhood!

We finally reached La Piazza Waterfront Restaurant! Really regretted our sloppy and tardy outfits because the place was looking pretty high-class and pompous. The classy tunes struck us first, then it drew our attention onto the group of people who were swaying away to the beat of the music. 

I guess this is where the Asian and Western culture differs. The people who were dancing, was a group of elderly, but it was clear that they were enjoying the finest moment of their life. They danced as if there was no tomorrow, they talked and drank to their hearts' content. They ate like what seemed like a full 10 course, followed by a sip of red wine and dancing after every course. 

This kind of lifestyle that they lead, seems really carefree and enjoyable. On one hand, it kind of make me envious at how they seem to be really laid back and seem to be enjoying life as it is! But on the other, I truthfully feel that such is a luxury, that I cannot afford. Although it seems nice to be relaxing like there's nothing to worry, it seems like it's a letdown to the precious time being wasted. True that it's actually quality time well-spent, but maybe with that time, there's more to be achieved? 

Mushroom steak @ 30.50aud (The most expensive meal!) Well, the price didn't guarantee its taste, cause I felt like my money went down the drain :( But well, I think the ambiance and atmosphere that it provided was  in compensation of its rocket high price!

These are my servants who are helping me to cut up my steak hehe!

*Anyway, we met a really friendly Japanese waitress who chatted us up, by starting it with 'Are you all Japanese?' Haha I guess in foreign lands, to be able to find your own kind of people glues people together. Once we see a possibility of someone who may be of the same family, we go all out to get to know them and try to befriend them, share some sorrow and joys of our life. I love how we get to talk to so many strangers all around us! It's a warm fuzzy feeling hehe.

Grabbed a 2aud hot chocolate at 7-eleven along the way back home! Yum yum, cheap thrill!

♫ look at the stars, how they shine for you ~ 


Day 4 - Wet & Wild

This is what we wake up to every morning ahhhhhhhhhhhhh +v+ everything's perfect

I wanted to go run so badly in the morning cause everything was just perfect. The sun, the chill, the air, the mood. But... I didn't because I didn't wanna run barefoot :( Something that I've always regretted up till now.

Morning walk to another place, Metro Market, where we could do some grocery shopping!

Saw Cafe1Uno and decided to have breakfast over here first. Love the homely vibe it gives!

Affogato @ 4aud. The coffee was so strong and pure that the vanilla ice-cream was unable to stop and curb its strong caffeine. It was just too much for me haha but it certainly had the megamega kick!

The best bacon eggs benedict I've had! Cheapcheap 8.95 aud only WHEEEEEEE. And the bacon was really really really really yummy omg, it's to die for!

cause we're all happy girls ^^


And after all the grocery shopping, it was time for Wet'n'Wild! 

I TELL YOU, THE DAY WAS AMAZING! Okay, so ignore the annoying part that we, or I, had to wear bikini, but everything else was so fun and amazing! 

First off, the weather was really good, though it was a little chilly cause the season's nearing to a winter period, the sun warmed us just lightly! The water wasn't freezing cold and it felt good hehe.

Secondly, there wasn't much people around here at all! It meant that we didn't have to queue up much for the rides, so wheeee we went to the rides however times we wanted! And, not tryna be racist, but hey it was mostly caucasians over here so I really feel like I'm in a foreign land! The ladies over here were really comfortable and confident in their bodies and the best part? They don't have that judging look in their eyes when they look at you. You don't have to feel like squirming under their gaze or feel like your self-esteem or confidence is shrinking and dying slowly. This is most probably the reason why I would dare to strut around with that bikini over there and would rather die than to wear bikini here. Maybe we should all try to learn from them and stop staring with the judging look, yes? The world would be a better much off place, really.

Thirdly, we met this lovely friendly friend! While we trio wanted to ride a 2-riders ride, I waited downstairs for tung and pang to ride it, and holla! Someone called Lydia approached me and asked if I wanted to ride it with her, cause she was alone. I agreed immediately and went up with her, rejoining my babes. We kind of clicked and agreed to play around together cause 4 makes a better team! We found out that she was travelling alone and has been doing so since forever, meeting friends along the way, all over the world. She has friends whom she can call upon from all over the world and whoa, I was really envious. She's that adventurous kind who did bungee jumping and skydiving, been to really exotic places, bagpacking through countries. That's basically what I wish I could do. I guess it summons both capital and bravery to go on this journey! I am gonna start off by travelling alone one day, yes I will. WATCH ME!

Fourthly, the rides were DAMMMMMMMN good! Aqualoop was definitely my favourite!

* It's like a tube for which would be locked when you step into it, meaning that you're encased in it. Even if you had the slightest doubt, there'd be no way out cause you can't run. And being encased means you're all alone without anyone whom you can co-relate the fear and excitement to, when all you hear inside is your own panting and heartbeat. Your heart beats till it's about to explode, and suddenly, the commencement comes in, '3,2,1...!' AND PFOOOOOOOOOOOM, the flap underneath your feet gives way and you fall at the speed of gravity, that has your scream still stuck at the back of your throat. You feel you are about to black out but boom you're back on track and you're now looping along with the tube, so fast that the little bumps on the tube hurts your butt. You come crashing into the sea of water and finally, you take your biggest breath ever. You get up, rejoice that you're still alive, scream at the top of your lungs, and then, start all over again! SO SHIOK I KENAT

The below picture is of one champion who challenged all her limits today! Overcoming her fear of thrill rides and going on ALL of them! YAY kudos to you my friend! You've done fabulous, thanks for being such a good sport! Love ya hehehe

 thump thump, this is the aqualoop behind us!


After all the happy moments, we decided to go to Habour Town Shopping Centre!

Mai Spirali Balareese Pasta for 13.50 aud @ Fasta Pasta! A really exotic taste that's nice! The pictures are meant to show our disgusted faces all in the name of fun haha.

Okay so I bought this cute little sulley for only 7aud! What a precious! (But anyway I sold it away later on tho haha)

Our nua night life because everything ends so early over here in biggera waters!

Picked up a local brand IGA earl grey :D it's pretty decent!

Day 5 - Movie World
 It's rise and shine again!

Here's tung tryna look like she's leading a taitai kind of lifestyle

the feels

First up, breakfast at a random cafe that we saw a few days ago while exploring the area! And HOLY SHIT IT'S SUCH A LUCKY FIND AHHHHHHHH. It's called Caffene Break!

And the reason is.... THIS DAMN FINE BANANA HOTCAKES!!! 


YES SO, I LOVE THE IDEA OF BANANA AND HOTCAKES TOGETHER! It's like a perfect match between these 2 and oh boy was it good. It's the first time I'd say I had a food orgasm, really. The hotcakes infused with the banana scent was soft, fluffy, moist and just, mouth-watering. Then there was these lovely chunks of banana that screams, 'EAT ME NOW', that moves my hands by themselves. The vanilla ice-cream (homemade I think!) were appropriately sweet and fragrant and oommmpff when you eat banana hotcakes with icecream.......... daebak, just daebak! The maple syrup was kind of extra to me, cause the banana hotcakes were nice as they were and was sweet enough to cause a breakup between hotcakes and the syrup. And to top it off, I've got fine gunpowder green tea to wash down any trace of over-sweetness before I consume another mouth of heaven. I'd die to come back for another banana hotcake...... *slurpslurpslurp, and i only paid 14.8aud in total for these goodness!!

**anyway I attempted to make banana hotcakes by myself too but it wasn't as fluffy and moist as these awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why!

Yes so, I was a really really happy girl so here's yet another selfie

And we're off to the last themepark: MOVIE WORLD!

(I think the sky itself deserves another picture on its own)

 it's like USS in Singapore but it's way bettttttter! All the decos and props were really nicer and the rides... don't get me started holy shit.

 (this is probably the only thing not worth watching: lame batman show. The batmobile spelled fake and inadequate, like how its owner is and also, to the entire story line of the show)

Wild West Falls that has a mini back drop and falls from a remarkable height wheee

even the kiddy scoobydoo ride was good and had some kick in it. the dark journey + the unexpected back drop + the awfully torturous and neck breaking sinuous turns!

well.. i don't know where some of my pictures went but, here's the Batwin Spaceshot!
Had tried this space shot kind of thrill ride at Gentings and LotteWorld, and so.. I knew that I really had a soft spot for this. The amount of pressure when you drop down is like..... a cardiac arrest. This wasn't so bad because the journey up wasn't as fast, you don't really stay up in the air, dangling your leg for long and people don't count down your drop. But for its height... I'm rating this the number 1 ride here for thrill! (followed by green lantern and arkam)

*Superman escape was unfortunately under maintenance, so I didn't get a chance to ride the ultimate ride... damnnn, wasted.

And the Green Lantern Coaster! I was a little scared to attempt this honestly, but hey, it turned out really fun! There's no fear in riding this, more like a really fun and heart-rejoicing ride. I guess it's because on this ride, I scream at the top of my lungs throughout while wailing my hands in the air like crazy. I think we rode on this 3-4 times so I really overcomed my fear of falling even at that drop that goes a little over 90 degrees, and just let my hands wail all over. 

*Tung tried to let go of her hands but eventually, she said, ' enn, wo bu gan la', and then grabbed the handles like it's her life HEHEHEHHE. What a noob ;)
*Pang finally got up this ride for the last final time before we left and WHOOOOOOOOOOO, she said it wasn't as bad as she thought it'd be! Level up x 10000000. New-found respect to her man.

Picture of Arkam Asylum isn't here but it was a pretty good ride too. It isn't as scary as green lantern for such crazy drops, it was more like a long and tiring looping ride. So basically, the coaster goes round and round, loop and loop, for the longest period. It was initially fun, but it wasn't all so when you hear you neck go krr krr, cause the driving force and speed forces so much pressure on your head.

The last ride was justice league, which was as lame as the transfomer ride in USS so bleh, it's a waste of time.

PICTURES ARE MISSING :( But yeah we went to Australian fair thereafter for a short little while before everything was closed!

*I remember us going crazy inside typo 'cause everything's like so cheapcheap hehehe! I LIKE IT HERE YES.

Our dinner was at Mano's Kitchen, which was directly below Atrium Resort! I had pan-fried Chicken for 13aud which wasn't all that good :( I felt like it wasn't worth all the raves.

akisdhjkcnoqwihffoica this all concludes our time in Gold Coast! In summary, IT'S A REALLY FABULOUS PLACE TO BE IN. I'd die to come here again for the rides @ movie world and Wet'n'wild and to eat the banana hotcake again, anytime! Tomorrow, go forth, Melbourne City!