I'm ln my bed, smiling like an idiot, whole I recalled the little things that happened today. That's  because, for a rare chance, I was back with my mangosteen babies for the afternoon!

This means that I would have the whole afternoon to stare at rx:):) and just.... kidnap him :D okay yes I may be really bias but I can't help it! We've been separated for too long. And a point to note, that I've been with the older kids for far too long. (So long that it kinda tires me out)

I really do miss them sigh. It's like, I'm 2 different person altogether in these 2 classes. Because why? Because only little innocent kids have the purity and power to remind me of how life is so simple. How easily they can be amazed/entertained/scared/daring/adventurous is really wondrous. It's life and time in the workings of robbing a child's innocence, robbing their loveliness and caging up their hearts.

Yeah so anyway, YES I thoroughly enjoyed my work today with the mangosteens! I even took quite a number of picture hehe, all mine to keep!

* anyway I've just completed reading Kite Runner by Khaled Hossini! I swear that the beginning was super boring when the story delved into how the author was such a timid and evil boy, but later it all made sense! And yeah it really was nice to read :)