Weekend Adventures

Recently I've been going out almost every free time that I have, so my schedule's really pack but whoo I like it! Feel like I'm utilizing my every minute of my free time doing all sorts of stuff! (Even though I am really drained and yearned to have a 'alone' break where I could spend the day doing nothing)

• On Saturday, I met with the cupnoodle gang to teoheng and spent 3 awesome hours inside. I had been yearning for a chance to let my vocals stretch and go, ever since I've recovered from that nasty sorethroat. (That sorethroat was one of the nastiest that I had, having stolen my voice away for 5days, made me take 2 days' leave and deprived me of the milo and singing addiction.) Actually it was kind of weird an atmosphere to be in, considering that er are all of different music genre appreciators -- Vanessa being the chummy love and Korean songs, Yuyue being the soul and r&b lover and YuXuan being the pop song lover. The transitions from songs to songs was rather sudden but haha I still enjoyed myself nonetheless!

After those crazy 3 hours, we headed to grab lunch before I head down to my grandpa's house! Had our normal family dinner and then we went down for soccer whoohoo.

Not long after I got home, I received a phone call from Alson, for supper, to celebrate Zhijie's birthday! So off I went, to eat mee goreng and rotijohn whole drinking Milo in the midnight.

• On Sunday, yueling tung and I went to catch the Amazing Spiderman 2! It was really A-M-A-Z-I-N-G I tell you. Even though the entire show was 2h20min, there wasn't any boring scenes at all! It's too bad that gwen didn't make it but my bro told me that that's when maryjane comes in, in the next 2 movies! cooool I love it :D

Straight after movie, got a call to go join my family for a impromptu mother's day dinner at bugis swensens....  and yeah!

That was my weekend :D