Chai latte

Ever since I had the most perfect chai latte at St Kilda's Beach, Melbourne, I have been craving for it. *slurp slurp.

So today, I took time to head down to chaitime for a cuppa chai! I asked the barista for the most authentic chai and tadah, got myself the Spicy Masala Chai. ($6.30 - pretty expensive nooooou, i blindly missed out the brew of the week + slice of cake deal sigh, who to blame but myself)

Spicy indeed, the spice was so fragrant and good. The only thing is that it isn't sweet at all or as I had expected it to be, having only drank from The coffeebean in Singapore. I had to have a few sips to get accustomed to it's sweetless taste but the kick it gives was whooooooo!

Still, i like its sweeter version more.. so I admittedly added sweetener inside hehe. Maybe it's just this that is so strong that is too much for me to handle but well, i guess next time I'll just get it from Starbucks or coffeebean for the sweetness!