End of my childcare days

Last day today at ChildFirst! Really,  to have called up CF 4months ago had been one of the best thing I did during my loooong holiday. I still remember how, after my random temporary jobs, that I had this sudden desire and determination to work in a childcare centre. After my unsuccessful interview for being a clinic assistant, I just sat there at Novena Medical Centre's lobby, went on Google Maps to search for childcare centres. Out came the result of sooo many childcare centres marked at different areas. Determined as a bull, I called up every single one of them, asking if they needed an assistant teacher without any qualifications or whatsoever, but with passion. Almost all said that they didn't need one, and that I could just send a resume so they could reconsider in the future, but only CF called me down for an interview the next day. And tadah, I got the job, being sent to the best class with the littlest cutest kids in the world, with the best teacher one could ever ask for! 

Working here feels like  being in one big family, where there are caring adults and ever-loving children. Though there are days when I feel the urge to mentally kill a kid in my mind, there are more days for which my heart just melts :). 

Anyway I baked some lemon cookies and wrote some thankyou cards!


FiSh said…
等你的update很久了~ =,=

ps:照片超棒! 赞一个~
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