First week of Uni

Adios! In a flash, it's already Friday today! This marks the end of my first week of University life, andddd it's been good! 

(Having the time to blog all because I skipped lecture today hehe. Well, couldn't blame anything but the mad rain, which stopped me from leaving my house this morning.)

The week has just been filled with introductory lectures and long breakkks. Luckily for me, there were always royals and squirt people around to kill time with yay!

Here here, beloved squirtles! 

Throwback to sow camp, I'm glad I didn't choose to pull out of it just because I fell 2days prior to the camp! Sow kind of feels like a family to me so yeah, life's good so far!

*Just to add on... I think it's really crazy to be embarking on this new journey - new environment to settle in, new friends to make, new places to explore, new adventures to go on! There's this feeling of uncertainty no doubt, but I do hope that everything turns out amazing :D