Facts facts

Am I the only weird one who doesn't like posting much stuff on instagram? (because I think it's a really superficial and scary place where everybody judges everybody like mad) I mean like, I'd really think twice about what I post there. So yeah, I'd rather post whatever stuff here. Don't have to give a care to how many people actually bothers to look at it/like it/comment about it, 'cause.... who gives a fck.

Here's to the facts tag that I'd thought I'd write here instead:

1. I hate opening up my mouth before I brush my teeth in the morning, so don't talk to me before I do (I'll probably death stare you and walk away).   
*totally can't imagine how people can kiss in the morning without brushing their teeth ugh gross 

2. I prefer bus rides to mrt rides. (esp. while on a rather empty bus/on a rainy day/on a schedule-less day/self-reflective day/on a day which I have got new jams.)

3. I really like the movie Spirited Away, I think the movie's really deeeeeep. (Actually I don't know exactly why, but somehow it feels intimate to me)

4. I used to be really scared of doing anything alone, from eating to shopping to going for a jog, but now I really appreciate "alone time" cause that's when you reflect and ponder about life.                                     

5. Some times I think that I sing well but when I play back the recorded voice note... I'd slap myself for thinking that way and erase all evidence.

6. I really can't tank long hours of shopping.... drains my soul and brings out the murderer instinct in me >.>

7. I don't believe in eternal love 'cause even the strongest flames dies down with time, don't they?

8. I have this bad habit of saying no/rejecting straight up right when someone suggests something but sometimes, I don't really mean it. The word no just comes out naturally.

9. Earl grey is my kryptonite, seriously can't resist +v+

10. I hate eating spicy food in things that don't necessarily need to be spicy. (esp. For the first meal of the day -- why start off the day suffering?)

*Sorry mum for being such a bitch when you order wrongly/vendors gives you the wrong stuff. 

11. I think I am a crybaby so I'd purposely go dig sad Korean/jap shows to cry my heart out, so that when time comes, my tears wouldn't flow out as easily.

12. I really really love the rain, especially thunderstorms. I'd just sit out on the bench and stare into the rain, with a cup of tea if possible. Then I'd just get lost in my own thoughts or I'd just count the number of times the thunder strikes the sky.

13. I find it hard to particularly like something or call it a favourite.  Like I have no favourite artists/colour/movies/songs.. well.

14. I love how the wind feels when you are skating damn fast and recklessly. The adrenaline pump whoohoo. Bring it on man, slopes slopes slopes.

15. I like the feeling of sweat oozing outta my body, feels so cleansed. (Kinda like how blood oozes out too haha)

16. I used to talk to/kiss goodnight/greet every single item on my bed. Like I have an army of sheeps/2bolsters/2pillows etc  and I'd kiss them one by one. I'll get so guilty and apologise to them had I missed out one, then I'd plant them one additional kiss.    
17. I was really scared when I disposed of my entire box of Barbie dolls... I had to get my mum to do it while I hid in one little corner..

18. I love banana hotcakes like mad.

19. I believe in parallel universe and I secretly hope that the yukeling there has a really smoking hot bod and hangs out everyday at the beach, surfing, skating, suntanning and all sorts.

20. I think i'm wayyy sensitive over nothing so I really really try to keep my selfish opinions to myself.

I think I'm a pretty weird nutcase, but whatever 💁