Time really seems to have ticked by furtively, ever since University days started! I still remember how I was feeling ever so lost even on the first day of school, from finding the right lecture theatres/tutorial classes, lecture buddies and to lunch buddies. 6 weeks have gone on by with the muddleheaded me, still soaked in the carefree fun days and the little bubble. This means that during these 6 weeks I hadn't really been focusing on what I've been doing..... I'm like a lost sheep. Not so much of lost because I can't keep up, but more of a choice. I've been really easy on myself and everyday's like: no stress no stress. Apart from the more demanding lab reports and a few tests here and there... I haven't done any constructive work. Well, the good thing is that, recess week is here! One entire week for me to recollect my thoughts, set my priorities straight and work things out. No more lost sheep (probably)!

Anyway, I'm picking up driving! Really can't wait to steal dad's lorry and drive out in the middle of the night. Imagine going to all the places I wanna go and explore wa.. So yeah, i am learning together with Jaslin! And i brought cammy out that day so, just some pretty random shots!

And....... here's to tonight's yummy supper -- Matcha Pretz flown from Japan!