Okaeri brobro

Today seems like a good family day wubwubz! 'Cause bro and dad are coming home from Japan today! We nearly didn't go down and fetch them from the airport but I'm glad we did haha. Family's supposed to be there no matter what's the circumstances right? No excuses.

Yeah so, first part of the excitement was when my sister managed to convince mama to drive to the airport. Having not drove for like what seems like an eternal, my mum finally braced herself up this mighty challenge. The initial 15 minute was really... entertaining. My heart felt as if it was a on a mini rollercoaster ride. And sister being the kan-chiong spider beside to give directions didn't help too. (And then there was me who didn't help at all hehe) But well, we all managed to get there unscathed! WHOOOHOOOOOOOOO.

I think bro and dad were pretty shocked that we went down to pick them up and were pretty much happy to be picked up hehe :D welcome welcome back!

 look @ all those goodies omnomnomnom

this is bro proudly showing off how he got all 3 good fortune

this is the mighty kitkat tower whoohoo

 brobro got me this lavender earlgrey drink WHEEEEEEEEEEEE (taste weirdly soapy tho)

 and then there's the domo with golden dolphin suit he got esp. for me hehe

amulets/charms galore!

SO MUCH LOVEEEE. Really thankful for all the souvenirs 'cause it feels like I was always on their mind even while they were on the trip hehe! Like they might just randomly chance upon stuff and get reminded of me. WHOOHOO THAT FEELS GOOD :>

*I got reminded of how little things I brought back from all my travel trips ooops. The next time I travel, I'd really make sure I'd get something for everyone and make them feel the same way hehe.