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sunset - beauty that comes free

Petals of beauty

"The earth laughs in flowers."  -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected." -- Charles Lamb
I am truly thankful for you guys, for which I can truly be myself without being judged!

On a side note: Annabelle was really the only horror movie which I wanted to leave the theatres for..... I just can't take dolls nonono. . . . . . . . And here's featuring my damn cute raichu socks WHEEEEEE

My love

I believe that love can overcome any obstacles, be it 17 years of age apart, or that I pried on you when you were little :')
(I know I sound much like a real pedophile, but nope, I ain't sexually attracted to him haha. It's just that sometimes his cuteness just overwhelms me and  makes me lose all control of my life.)

Lotte Ghana Black choco bar

luring chunks of goodness!

Le mum & daughter

*le me wearing a shirt that read "turn me on" after showering 
Mum ♥ (goes into a super high pitch suddenly): I MUST TURN IT ON *pokes me
Me ♡(with an equally high pitch): no!
♥ : yes!
♡ : NOU
♥ : YES
♡ : NOUU
♥ : YESS
*a moment of pause as I caught my breath
♡ : NO! NO!
♥ : YES! YES!
♡ : NOU
♥ : YES!!

and I threw up the white flag, along with a burst of hysterical laughter. Bwuhahaahah with a retarded mum, comes a retarded daughter ♥♡


 “a light will shine only in darkness, so where will you shine?” - Suan Khan Khai

The Light

Be the light that permeates every corner of the room;
the light that illuminates even the darkest of the darkest souls;
the light that shines brilliantly in others' lives;
the light that ignite the buried torches of others;
the light that coexists everything like it does with day and night;
the light that people look to in the darkness, in search of hope;
the light that never ever ceases;
the light that transcends all levels;
the light that scares off the demons and creatures;
the light that dazzles and blinds people.

My little sanctuary

Yukexz is a happy happy soul 'cause I went back to Childfirst yesterday!
It feels really really good to be able to see the lovely kids, to see that they still remember this "jiejie" of theirs (yes to all the hugs and kisses, yes yes yes, MOREEEEE), to see that they are growing up so quickly and healthy, to see how much they have matured in such a short time (them being so conversationalist makes me scared and proud at the same time), to see how cute/lovely/innocent they still are, to hear them call me, to have them angels fight to sit on my lap, to piggyback them. Gahhhh <3 And of course, to see the ever-welcoming and lovely zhang laoshi! 
It really feels like my little stashed away sanctuary :) 

Though they probably wouldn't remember ever having this weird jiejie that was in their lives some point of time, they really do have a huge impact on mine and I'm real glad for that! :) 
** just a note: 1. Rui xun doesn't have the baby smell on him anymore.. WHYY…

inking down

Yuke is supposed to be really hardworking right now for tomorrow's mid-term test but.... for the entire day today, I just wanted to write and write and write. (like meaningful stuffs that actually speaks volume, instead of writing down ratios of a Pythagorean/just/equal-tempered scale)

It all started off with writing letters! The night before, I received Jaslin's letter ♥ and yeah decided to pick up my pen too, and start inking my thoughts into words, unspoken heartfelt gratitude into concrete messages.
Haven't had it all done yet 'cause there is indeed a need to go back to studying.. but yeah I feel really good seeing at least a couple of them envelope staring back at me!
More to come yeah Ü