My little sanctuary

Yukexz is a happy happy soul 'cause I went back to Childfirst yesterday!

It feels really really good to be able to see the lovely kids, to see that they still remember this "jiejie" of theirs (yes to all the hugs and kisses, yes yes yes, MOREEEEE), to see that they are growing up so quickly and healthy, to see how much they have matured in such a short time (them being so conversationalist makes me scared and proud at the same time), to see how cute/lovely/innocent they still are, to hear them call me, to have them angels fight to sit on my lap, to piggyback them. Gahhhh <3
And of course, to see the ever-welcoming and lovely zhang laoshi! 

It really feels like my little stashed away sanctuary :) 

Though they probably wouldn't remember ever having this weird jiejie that was in their lives some point of time, they really do have a huge impact on mine and I'm real glad for that! :) 

** just a note:
1. Rui xun doesn't have the baby smell on him anymore.. WHYYY NO, BABY DON'T GROW UP T^T
2. Belle lost her overly huge tummy cause she was ill these few days (but I'm sure the tummy will be back in no time!)
3. Haowei can totally hold a proper conversation right now
4. Rui xun is now the first to finish his entire milk bottle (gone were the days when he drinks the slowest and yet doesn't even finish half a bottle)

With every approaching step,my thoughts runs wild like a crazed bull who's seen red,my heart veer off and sinks to the bottom like a sunken titanic,my heavy legs felt like that of a walking dead,all because.... of my needless panic.For a fleeting moment,I worry that gone were those days that they knew of someone like me,washed away were those shared memories like the writings on a shore,reduced to a mere stranger as they have likened me to be,but I'm glad that there was something more.These little creatures,really do have a way in to my vacant heart,a familiar warm hug was all it took to break the ice,the way they sing my name make it sound like we've never been apart,making me smile like an idiot more than once, twice, thrice.